"For all practical purposes, the war is over, sire..."
Nyna Calixte to Roan Fel[2]

The Battle of Caamas was the last major battle between the Fel Empire and the Galactic Alliance in the Sith–Imperial War.


"If we can capture or kill Fel, we can force a peace and end this war! We must go with all available ships and that includes the core fleet"
―Rear Admiral Piers Petan[3]

The Galactic Alliance was fed intel that indicated Emperor Roan Fel would be present at the planet's orbit to discuss an alliance with envoys of the Chiss Ascendancy and the Hapans and be protected only by a light escort. The newly promoted Rear Admiral Piers Petan advocated moving the core forces of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet in order to capture or kill Emperor Fel. This plan was supported by Nu Toreena, an Ithorian member of the Triumvirate, while it was opposed by Mon Calamari Triumvirate Gial Gahan, Duros Admiral Gar Stazi, and New Jedi Order representative Kol Skywalker, who argued the Jedi Council sensed a trap. The only undecided member of the Triumvirate was Bail Antilles.

However, Petan's argument that bold action was necessary, in the face of the many systems declaring neutrality or joining the Empire, convinced Antilles. Even though Stazi agreed to move the Core Fleet, he ordered his aide, communications officer Jaius Yorub to prepare an escape route in case the Alliance was defeated.

The battle[]

The remnants of the Alliance Core Fleet attempt a breakout.

"I will surrender, Admiral, when I can no longer fight!"
―Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi, to Imperial Grand Admiral Morlish Veed[1]

Over Caamas, the Imperial fleet under the command Grand Admiral Morlish Veed and his flagship Imperious decimated the Alliance fleet, while the Resolute, under the command of Edouard Fenel, targeted enemy ships too damaged to properly defend themselves. The New Jedi Order could not aid the Alliance in the battle, due to a Sith feint near Coruscant. This attack cost the Jedi Order heavy losses, as well as depriving the Alliance of badly needed aid.

Late in the battle, the Alliance Supreme Commander, Rear Admiral Petan, accepted an offer to surrender from Grand Admiral Morlish Veed. Admiral Gar Stazi, who refused to accept Veed's offer, led his remaining forces into a fighting withdrawal, thought impossible because the Imperials had mined the nearby hyperlanes with gravity bombs and space mines. Stazi's lead was followed by other Alliance units, including the Pride of Corellia and it's commander, Admiral Nict. Unfortunately, the Pride of Corellia was destroyed moments before the fleet jumped into hyperspace using secret spacer routes.


"…Coruscant can no longer be militarily defended. The Galactic Alliance must now surrender."
Nyna Calixte to Roan Fel[2]

Following this battle, Coruscant had no viable defenses and was subjugated by the Empire. Emperor Fel tried to convince the remaining Jedi on Coruscant to join his Imperial Knights. While some Jedi accepted, others fled to Ossus, where they would be hunted down by the Sith and the forces commanded by Rulf Yage.

Meanwhile, as a result of his victory, Grand Admiral Veed was promoted to the rank High Moff. And on the other side of the conflict, Stazi's escape and subsequent guerilla war made him a legend among the Imperials, though Dru Valan would be blamed for allowing Stazi to flee.



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