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The Battle of Cattamscar was a skirmish which saw the conquest of the Outer Rim world of Cattamascar by a Ssi-ruuvi expeditionary fleet at some point between 1 BBY and 4 ABY.


When Emperor Palpatine made contact with the alien invaders called the Ssi-ruuk, he made a deal with them: In exchange for their battle droid technology, the invaders were allowed to attack smaller colonies at the edge of colonized space.[1] The Cattamascar colony in the Bakura sector was one of these.[2]

The battleEdit

Not much is known about this battle, except that the Ssi-ruuk were forced to perform an emergency jump, indicating that the resistance was heaver than expected from previous battles.[3]


Despite the retreat, the Ssi-ruuk continued their invasion of the Shiritoku Spur until they were beaten at Bakura.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle's only mention in canon so far was one line in The Truce at Bakura. Neither the accompaning sourcebook nor other works have mentioned the battle again.

The date of the battle is also unknown, but must be at some point between 1 BBY and 4 ABY, because Dev Sibwarra remembers the battle. He was captured during the Battle of G'rho in 1 BBY and remembers the incident during the Second Battle of Bakura, which is placed in 4 ABY.


Notes and referencesEdit

Ssi-ruuvi invasions
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1 BBY4 ABY: Cattamascar
4 ABY: First Bakura · Second Bakura · Lwhekk · Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster
28 ABY: Battle of Bakura
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