"Admiral Peilaeon, initially preoccupied with a protracted campaign against Adumar, eventually stopped his enemy from advancing into the heart of the Empire, though the effort cost him the Super Star Destroyer Reaper."
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The Battle of Celanon was a conflict between the Imperial Remnant and New Republic in 13 ABY at Celanon. Under the command of Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, the Imperial forces had been pushed back in an attempt to contain an invasion of Imperial space. During the battle, Pellaeon lost his command ship, the Star Dreadnought Reaper.


Following the New Republic victory against Moff Getelles of the Antemeridian sector, the New Republic pushed through the neutral Borderland Regions toward the Hydian Way, border of the Imperial Space. The Moffs of the Imperial Remnant, fearing the shift of power in the region, ordered Admiral Gilad Pellaeon to move his forces across the Hydian Way.[1] Torn away from his campaign against the planet Adumar, Pellaeon brought his forces into the fight against the New Republic.[2] The losses he inflicted on the New Republic were substantial, but Pellaeon was pushed back.[1]

The battleEdit

At Celanon, Pellaeon once again engaged New Republic forces. He was not able to secure a victory, however, and lost his command ship, the Star Dreadnought Reaper.[1]


In the wake of Celanon, the New Republic refrained from pushing its advantage and halted the invasion. The New Republic had increased its power in the Borderland Regions, but the Empire hadn't lost much territory. This battle was followed by four years of relative peace between the two factions.[1]


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