This article is about the battle in the Corellian Crisis. You may be looking for the later battle in the Second Galactic Civil War.

The Battle of Centerpoint Station was the climax of the Corellian Crisis. It resulted in the defeat of Thrackan Sal-Solo's separatist force and the return of Corellia to the New Republic fold.

The Sacorrian Triad had nearly realized their plans to destabilize the Corellian system and make a power grab. They had captured Centerpoint Station and destroyed several stars, including Thanta Zilbra, which caused the deaths of tens of thousands. Thrackan, who had been working with them, had struck out on his own, hoping to take Centerpoint for himself and become the new Diktat of Corellia. The New Republic was virtually powerless to intervene. The majority of the New Republic Defense Fleet was undergoing repairs following the Yevethan War, as well as the recent Imperial Skirmishes.

While Admiral Gial Ackbar prepared what ships he could, Luke Skywalker led a small Bakuran Defense Fleet force against the Triad. The backbone of the hastily constructed fleet were the Bakura-class destroyers Watchkeeper, Defender and Sentinel, and the Namana-class Light Cruiser Intruder, along with an accompaniment of Bakuran General Purpose Attack Fighters.

The use of Bakuran HIMS technology allowed the fleet to penetrate the Corellian interdiction field, and it was able to hold off the Sacorrian Triad forces until the arrival of Ackbar's New Republic fleet, despite the Triad's use of robot ramships. Their efforts came at a high cost, with half of the Bakuran ships destroyed. At a key turning point, Admiral Hortel Ossilege and Gaeriel Captison chose to initiate the autodestruct sequence on critically damaged Intruder in the midst of the Sacorrian fleet.


The Watchkeeper is flattened by Selonia's repulsorlift.

In the midst of the space battle, the countdown to the next shot from Centerpoint, aimed at Bovo Yagen, whose star system had an estimated twelve million inhabitants, was only hours away. Young Anakin Solo desperately worked at the controls of the planetary repulsor on Drall to nudge Centerpoint and prevent the shot.

Once Ackbar's forces arrived, the New Republic was easily able to overwhelm the Corellian defenders and recapture Centerpoint. At the same time, Anakin drew upon the power of the Force and succeeded in deflecting Centerpoint and saving Bovo Yagen. Thrackan and the Human League's leaders were arrested, the Corellian government was dismantled, and a pro-New Republic one was installed, ensuring Corellian reliance until the Yuuzhan Vong War.



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