"Lovely...looks like you've got the place ready for a funeral."

The Battle of Circumtore took place between a team of mercenaries hired by Gheeta the Hutt and a team of unarmed bounty hunters led by Boba Fett around 1 ABY. This battle sparked many changes in the Bounty Hunters' Guild that would still reverberate years later.


Oph Nar Dinnid was a Lyunesi who was caught having an affair with the preferred concubine of a Supreme Liege-lord of the Narrant system. With a very large bounty on his head, Dinnid fled to the Circumtore system and found shelter with the Shell Hutts. Led by Boba Fett, the bounty hunters Bossk, IG-88, Zuckuss and D'harhan headed for Circumtore.

Gheeta, the Shell Hutt, acting as a political liaison, explained to the bounty hunters that they would be allowed to travel to the surface of Circumtore only after leaving their weapons behind first. After extreme reluctance by D'harhan and the other bounty hunters, they turned in their weapons and traveled to the planet's surface. On the way, Fett explained to Zuckuss how he angered Gheeta once in the past when he prevented Gheeta from murdering the architect who built most of Circumtore.

The battleEdit

After being led into the great reception hall, the bounty hunters learned that they were tricked by Gheeta in an attempt to get revenge on Boba Fett. He not only murdered Dinnid, but Gheeta also hired an army of mercenaries to slaughter Fett and the other unarmed bounty hunters. After triggering and detonating a cache of hidden explosives built into the hall by the architect and extracting a buried power rod, Fett armed the disabled laser cannon built into D'harhan's chest and annihilated the mercenaries. The bounty hunter and slaver Bossk was also able to kill several mercenaries until receiving a nonfatal chest wound.


D'harhan, the last of his kind according to Fett, was killed by multiple laser rifle shots to the chest. His last words, spoken to Fett, were "I can stop now, but you still must go on."

Gheeta was killed by D'harhan's final laser blast, to the relief of the other Shell Hutts who felt he had reached beyond his limits of power.

Cradossk, the leader of the Bounty Hunters' Guild and Bossk's father, feared his son's takeover of the guild and plotted his death on Circumtore. Upon learning of this, Bossk confronted his father, killed and then consumed him, thus dividing the guild into two warring factions and rendering it powerless.



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