"Your family is dead, boy! Come with us or die here, too!"
Jaster Mereel[src]

The Battle of Concord Dawn was a battle of the Mandalorian Civil War.

The battle[]

The Mandalorian splinter group Death Watch, led by Vizsla, attacked the planet Concord Dawn, which held a large population of Mandalorians loyal to the "True Mandalorian" faction led by Mandalore Jaster Mereel, who had been born on Concord Dawn. The True Mandalorians scattered, and the Death Watch spent several days tracking them down.

The man who had succeeded Mereel's position of Journeyman Protector following his exile, hid Mereel and his forces at his homestead. As such, the homestead was destroyed, and the Protector killed by the Death Watch—along with his wife. Only his two children, Jango and Arla Fett, survived. Jango helped Mereel defeat the Death Watch by leading him out of the homestead and taking him to the nearest town. Arla, later on, was rescued and put into a mental institution on Coruscant.

After believing himself to have won the battle, Vizsla planned to next attack Moonus Mandel, but would first recuperate and stock up on supplies. When the Death Watch entered the town, the Mandalorians ambushed them, and destroyed their armored vehicle. Fett personally set the charge and blasted a high-ranking Death Watch member. However, Vizsla managed to escape in the end.


The young Jango was taken under the protection of Mereel, and joined his group of Mandalorians. For six years, the True Mandalorians believed this to be the end of the Death Watch.