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"My Jedi brothers, Admiral Stazi, and members of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances—we have all suffered great losses, but we cannot wait for the inevitable attack on Bastion! The time to attack Coruscant is now!"
Roan Fel[3]

The Battle of Coruscant was the final battle of the Second Imperial Civil War. It pitted the remaining forces of an alliance consisting of the Empire-in-exile, led by deposed Emperor Roan Fel, the Galactic Alliance Remnant, under Admiral Gar Stazi and the remnants of the New Jedi Order against the armies of Darth Krayt, and his Sith Empire.


"Their leaders were fools to attack so soon after their defeat on Taivas."
Morlish Veed[3]

Following the defeat at Taivas and their encounter with Darth Krayt's elite Sith troopers, Roan Fel decided to take up Darth Maladi's offer to produce the deadly Omega Red and deploy it on Coruscant, the capital of the Sith Empire. Fel then convinced the allied groups to attack Coruscant before the Sith could recover. A mixed strike team was ferried to Coruscant on Cade Skywalker's Helot-class medium space transport Mynock.[3]

It consisted of Skywalker, Deliah Blue, Jariah Syn, Wolf Sazen, Shado Vao, Rasi Tuum, Skywalker's mother, and former Director of Imperial Intelligence Morrigan Corde, and the Imperial Knights Azlyn Rae, Sigel Dare, and Ganner Krieg. The team disabled the planetary defenses so that the strike force could penetrate Coruscant's atmosphere. The allied fleet entered the system and engaged with Sith Annihilator-class starfighters. Rogue Squadron and Skull Squadron went to the surface for their own bombing run while the Jedi Twin Suns Squadron stayed in space. As the battle raged on, the strike reached the Sith Temple using the secret routes known by Cade and Shado.[3]

Wolf Sazen and Darth Stryfe strike each other down.

However, they were intercepted by a party of Sith led by Krayt's lieutenants Darth Talon and Darth Stryfe. As they converged, the two groups immediately engaged in battle. Sigel Dare was stabbed while Skywalker fought Darth Talon and defeated her. Wolf Sazen engaged Darth Stryfe in a quick fight that ended with each of their deaths, resulting in Sazen becoming one with the Force. Vao then told Skywalker to pursue Krayt while they held off the Sith. Darth Talon, realizing how powerful Skywalker had become, fled to warn Krayt and Skywalker pursued her.[3]

While the battle on Coruscant proceeded thus, the battle in space was not faring as well, despite the use of battle meditation from K'Kruhk and other senior Jedi. The Fist of the Empire was lost to the attacks by Annihilator-class starfighters. When the ship fell, Roan Fel and Antares Draco went to Maladi to receive Omega Red from her. After they departed, she proclaimed her loyalty to Lord Krayt and escaped from her prison.

Fall of Emperors[]

Darth Nihl was updating Darth Krayt on the status of the battle and claimed that despite the loss of their defensive grid, the Annihilators were turning the tide of the battle in their favor. At that moment, a seriously injured Darth Talon arrived to warn Krayt that Skywalker was arriving. After alerting Krayt, she was violently Force pushed against the wall and was knocked out as Skywalker came out of the shadows with his lightsaber ignited.

Krayt Force-pushed him away reminding him that last time they had fought, he had ran, plus Krayt was so much more powerful than that last time and that Cade should surrender. Skywalker reminded Krayt that Darth Talon and him had taught him many things and that he made things up as he went along. Krayt said it did not matter and that he and his allies were going to lose the battle before attacking him with Force lightning.

As the duo fought, Krayt taunted Cade by telling him that his unique healing powers were the reason he had survived, saying that Cade had shown him it, but Karness Muur had showed him how to use and control it. Krayt proceeded to use Cade's own power against him, forcing him to undergo the same process he'd gone through. When Krayt had finished, he believed that Cade had finally fallen to the dark side, and called him his apprentice. Cade rose and declared that he finally saw what his path was. But instead of declaring himself a Sith, Cade used Krayt's ignorance to his advantage by quickly reclaiming his lightsaber and spearing the Dark Lord in the chest, declaring that he was a Jedi once again. This time, having been dealt a mortal blow before he could use Cade's unique powers, Darth Krayt was truly dead.

Roan Fel is killed by Antares Draco.

Meanwhile, aboard the Jagged Fel, Roan Fel attempted to launch Omega Red at Coruscant, unaware that it would kill all life except the intended Sith, who were immune to it. Marasiah and Treis Sinde objected, and Fel Force-pushed both his daughter and old friend into a wall. Marasiah, too weak to stop her father, begged Draco to do so. Fel declared that Draco had proven that his loyalty was completely to him, but Draco, due to his recent experiences, had finally realized that his loyalty was first and foremost to the Force, instead of the emperor. When Draco declared his loyalties, and reminded Fel that his oath required him to kill the emperor if he couldn't turn him back to the light side, both master and student drew their lightsabers and engaged each other.

Draco pleaded with Fel to trust in the Force and allow it to finish Krayt. But Fel claimed that their allies were useless and that he needed to enforce his own will on the Galaxy. Soon after, Draco felt Krayt's death at Skywalker's hands, but Fel refused to back down. Fel punched Draco in the face and went to launch Omega Red, but Draco returned and, realizing he needed to stop Fel in time, stabbed the emperor in the back, killing him.

With Darth Krayt's demise, his Sith troopers became crazed since they were no longer connected to his will. Darth Nihl took power as leader of the One Sith and began by ordering all Sith Troopers wiped out. Afterwards, he ordered the Sith to evacuate both Coruscant and Korriban since he knew the war was now lost.[2]


Despite the fact that Krayt was dead, Cade didn't want to repeat his mistake at Had Abbadon. He took Krayt's body and flew it into Coruscant's sun. Cade had originally planned to fly the ship in himself because he didn't want to risk the possibility that Krayt's spirit would take his body over, but Luke Skywalker appeared to him to talk him out doing so. Luke told his descendant that Krayt was truly finished and that Cade, despite his vision indicating he would die fighting Krayt, was still alive. Cade decided to take his ancestor's advice and eject from the ship before it hit the sun. Krayt's body was destroyed, and Cade saw that Krayt's spirit was gone as well. After being picked up by his friends, Cade said he was finally free to live his life the way he was supposed to.[2]

Meanwhile, the allied forces staged a funeral for Roan Fel, with the witnesses to his demise leaving out the details of his fall to the dark side. The allies also established the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, which united much of the known galaxy.[2]

Nihl pulled all the remaining Sith back and told them to prepare to infiltrate every planetary government in order to strike from the shadows.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Coruscant serves as the climax for the Star Wars: Legacy—War comic series, dominating the story plots of the fifth and sixth issues.


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