The Battle of Danoor was an engagement between the New Republic vessel FarStar and forces allied to Moff Kentor Sarne. The FarStar was assisted in the battle by the Danoor Resistance and their allies, the Aing-Tii.


In 8 ABY, the Imperial vessel Lialic II, posing as the Lance of Endor, entered the Nah'Malis system, and made several unreasonable demands of the Danoor government, all in the name of the New Republic. Captain Rolf Treidum, commander of the ship, was attempting to sow discord and contempt for the New Republic by posing as their representatives.

Despite this act, Treidum confided his true identity to Minister Waric Nane. Treidum gave Nane a device to allow him to contact the Empire if they were needed. He asked only one thing—if the FarStar was to turn up, then Nane was to contact him immediately. Nane agreed.

When the FarStar arrived a week later, Nane triggered the device, then set about stalling the New Republic ship until Imperial forces arrived.

The battle[]

In orbit of Danoor, the crew of the FarStar transmitted Minister Mooren's message into the Kathol Rift as he had requested. As Captain Adrimetrum prepared to leave the system, the Lialic II emerged from behind the third planet and moved to engage the New Republic vessel. As the two ships began to trade fire, six Headhunters from the Danoor Resistance rose from the surface to assist the FarStar.

Shortly after the Danoor Resistance fighters arrived at the combat zone, six TIE/IN interceptors appeared to engage the FarStar and her allies. Lieutenant Darryn Thyte, operations officer on the FarStar realized that the starfighters could not have made it to the system without a mothership, and that the Lialic II was not equipped to carry them.

A Star Destroyer entered the battle, and Adrimetrum gave the order to launch the FarStar's starfighters to engage it. During the battle, the Star Destroyer fired a new weapon—a devastator torpedo—at the planet. Everything within ten kilometers of the blast zone was obliterated, and the remaining Danoor Resistance fighters broke from the battle to head for the planet.

Finally, the Resistance's single ally arrived. A Sanhedrim ship from the mysterious Aing-Tii emerged from the Kathol Rift and headed straight for the Lialic II. The Aing-Tii ship rammed the Lialic II, destroying the vessel without receiving appreciable damage in return. As the new threat appeared, the Star Destroyer turned to face it, allowing the FarStar's starfighters a window of opportunity. Using split-second timing, the New Republic fighters were able to drop proton torpedoes directly into the firing tube of the devastator torpedo launcher, setting off a chain-reaction that destroyed the vessel.

With all enemies destroyed, the FarStar was allowed to enter the Rift and continue on its journey.


Following the battle, the threat to Danoor was lifted, although they paid the price for their defiance. The FarStar, having survived the battle, was free to head into the Kathol Rift and continue on with the hunt for Moff Kentor Sarne.

Behind the scenes[]

The RPG adventure Galaxy's Edge provides another scenario for the ending of the battle. If the player characters should prove to be unable to destroy the Star Destroyer, the Aing-Tii ship will ram the vessel. The resulting explosion will destroy both vessels.



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