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"The time has come at last to take revenge on Asajj Ventress and the witch Mother Talzin. I have learned Ventress has returned to Dathomir. Go there, and wipe the witches out. All of them."
―Count Dooku, to General Grievous[src]

The Battle of Dathomir, also known as the Massacre of the Nightsisters, was a battle that took place in 20 BBY, during the Clone Wars, on the planet of Dathomir. The Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an invasion that resulted in the annihilation of the Nightsisters; and the extermination of virtually all Dathomir witches on the planet. The assault was led by the Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies, General Grievous, on the orders of Confederate Head of State Count Dooku.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"Assemble the fleet! The time to exact vengeance against the traitor Ventress has arrived! We go to Dathomir, to battle!"
―General Grievous before the battle[src]

Asajj Ventress had been the Sith apprentice of Count Dooku since the beginning of the Clone Wars. She successfully led Separatist forces against the Galactic Republic during multiple battles and engagements. However, during the Battle of Sullust, Count Dooku was contacted by his Sith master Darth Sidious. Sidious believed that Ventress had grown too powerful, and believed that she was being trained to be used against him so Dooku could take power, in line with the Sith Rule of Two. While Dooku denied this, Sidious ignored him and ordered Ventress' death. Dooku was forced to agree to kill Ventress. While the battle raged on between the Republic and Confederate fleets, he called off her reinforcements, and ordered the T-series tactical droid TJ-912 to fire on the ship Ventress was on, where she was dueling Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Following this, Dooku informed Ventress by Hologram that she was no longer his apprentice and that she would die.[8]

Despite Dooku's scheme, Ventress managed to survive and escaped from both the Jedi and the Confederacy. Having left Dooku and the Separatist cause, she returned to her homeworld of Dathomir, where she rejoined the Nightsisters and began to make plans to kill Count Dooku as her revenge.[8]

Dooku, having learned that Ventress had returned to Dathomir, sent the Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies, General Grievous, and a Separatist fleet carrying an army of battle droids to finally exterminate the Ventress and the Nightsisters for revenge against them.[2]

Upon the arrival of General Grievous and his forces, Ventress had completed her initiation, and had become a full Nightsister.[2]

The Battle[edit | edit source]

The Landing[edit | edit source]

"Sisters, be ready. The war has come to Dathomir."
Mother Talzin, to the Nightsisters[src]

Grievous' squadron of Vulture-class starfighters and Hyena-class Droid Bombers bombed the Nightsisters' fortress and force them out of hiding.[2]

His fleet of four Munificent-class star frigates, two Recusant-class light destroyers, and his personal Providence-class Dreadnought, Grievous and his forces traveled to and exited hyperspace in the Dathomir system, and landed on the planet.[2]

Battle at the Front Lines[edit | edit source]


To aid her fellow Nightsisters at the front lines, Old Daka recited the Chant of Resurrection to rise the Army of the Dead.[2]

Upon arrival, Grievous ordered his crew of OOM-series security droids to launch the invasion by beginning to land their troops on the planet below. Grievous sent out a force of BX-series droid commandos, B1-series battle droids, B2-series super battle droids, IG-100 MagnaGuards, Defoliator Deployment Tanks, and Multi-Troop Transports.[2]

Storm to the Nightsister fortress[edit | edit source]

After controlling the front lines, Grevious' forces pushed the Nightsisters back to their fortress. After killing most of the Nightsisters, Grievous stormed the fortress and knocked down the wall to get into the Hidden Cave. He impaled Daka and knocked over her Ichor cauldron, stopping Dooku's voodoo torture. With Daka's defeat, the zombie Nightsisters were defeated as well, leaving the living sisters to be massacred by the Droid Army.[2]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"After the massacre I buried my mothers, my friends…Ilyana."

With the battle over and her fellow Nightsisters murdered, Ventress moved before being met by Talzin, appearing as a spirit. Ventress blamed herself for the destruction, and Talzin told her that, though the Nightsisters would always be linked to her, she now had her own path. Ventress begged Talzin not to leave her, but the Nightsister mother did just that.[2] Thus, Ventress made her way off Dathomir.[5] Talzin remained on the planet and kept in contact with her sons Maul and Savage Opress.[9] A dying Daka sent the nightsister Yenna off-planet in an escape pod.[7] A young Merrin and Jerserra mourned the death of their sisters.[10][11]

Following the events of the battle, Ventress felt that her connection to the Force was scattered.[12] In pursuit of the new life Talzin had foretold, Ventress travelled far into the Outer Rim, eventually ending up on the desert world of Tatooine.[5] When Ventress arrived in a cantina on Tatooine, she realized no one in the building knew that her people had been slaughtered, with Ventress considering the Battle of Dathomir to be the effective end of her homeworld. After taking part in safe cargo objective, she remembered Talzin's final words to her, though now without the same feeling of pain. Instead, she believed she had always had a path and that, after losing it for some time and becoming so many things throughout her life, she was herself, with the entire galaxy waiting for her.[12] She proceeded to take up the life of a bounty hunter.[13]

During the Imperial Era, Jerserra was found by a female Inquisitor who trained her as an inquisitor.[11]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Rest assured, the Nightsisters will not go down without a fight. Prepare yourselves for the Battle of Dathomir."
―Leland Chee, via Twitter[src]

Concept art of the battle's aftermath

The Battle of Dathomir was created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and was featured in the episode "Massacre,"[2] which aired on February 24, 2012 as part of the series' fourth season.[14] In December 2012, ranked the Battle of Dathomir as the third most memorable moment of the television series from 2012.[15]

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