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The Battle of Dathomir was a battle between the combined Hapes Consortium/New Republic forces and Zsinj's Empire and their allies the Nightsisters. This battle resulted in the deaths of Warlord Zsinj, the most powerful of the post-Endor warlords, and Gethzerion, leader of the Nightsisters.

The BattleEdit

Prior to the battle, Zsinj demanded that the Nightsisters hand over Han Solo, or he would activate the world-killing orbital nightcloak which could reduce a planet to a ball of frozen ice. After learning that the Nightsisters' assault on the Singing Mountain Clan had failed, a disappointed Zsinj activated the nightcloak to encourage Gethzerion's cooperation.

The skies grew dark and the planet's temperatures fell dramatically. The Nightsister then agreed to capture Solo, though she also requested a ship for transportation off Dathomir. The witches had planned to travel into New Republic space and cause secession in support of the ruthless warlord. In return, Zsinj would send two shuttles - an armed transport for Han Solo, and an unarmed transport for the Nightsisters.

After Solo's capture, he was brought to the Imperial prison where Zsinj's transports had just landed. However, Gethzerion then betrayed Zsinj and murdered all the Imperials. Han Solo was saved by the timely arrival of the Millennium Falcon (with Luke Skywalker simultaneously operating all of its crew stations via the Force), though Gethzerion and her cohorts had escaped onboard the armed shuttle. With Luke in hot pursuit and using radio communication jamming to attract the attention of Zsinj's Star Destroyers the shuttle was destroyed.

Despite Gethzerion's death, the orbital nightcloak still remained in effect and the planet was blockaded by Zsinj's fleet. However, the Millennium Falcon managed to disable the nightcloak and the Hapan fleet arrived to engage the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist and the other vessels of Zsinj's Empire. During the battle, the Hapans destroyed the orbital nightcloak and mined the surrounding space with Pulsemass generators to prevent the Imperials from fleeing into hyperspace. This was dangerous since it stranded both the attacker and the target in real space for several minutes. The Falcon succeeded in destroying the shields and bridge of the Iron Fist, killing the warlord and with his death there by removing a major obstacle to the New Republic.



Notes and referencesEdit

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