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"You were at Serroco, when they turned the Stereb cities into glass craters. At Duro, when Basilisk war droids rained like meteors onto the orbiting cities, and when the Mandalorians set fire to the Xoxin plains on Eres III—the fires that burn still."
Atton Rand, to Meetra Surik[3]

The Battle of Duro was a major battle of the Mandalorian Wars, fought sometime in 3962 BBY. The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders campaigned across the galaxy from their territory in the Outer Rim to reach Duro in the Core Worlds, a strategy they called Mandalorian Triumph.

The battle[]

According to the former Republic soldier Atton Rand, the Mandalorian assault force at Duro utilized, among other craft, Basilisk war droids which "rained down like meteors onto the orbiting cities." During the battle, the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders laid waste to nearly the entire planet, forcing the population to ally with the warriors against the Republic. The Neo-Crusaders also attempted to steal large amounts of war material from the shipyards that orbited Duro, but were prevented from doing so following the arrival of a fleet of Interdictor-class cruisers under the command of the Jedi Revan and Malak.[2]


Following the battle Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa named Revan commander of the Republic's military forces.[2]

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