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"It took 85 men less than an hour to bring so much chaos and disarray to Ebenmal that the defenders—over 3,000 Rebels—surrendered."
Imperial Atrocities and Other Noble Pursuits, by Chen Ming-di[1]

A battle was fought on the planetoid Ebenmal at some point between the years 2 BBY and 1 BBY. A group of Imperials, consisting of eighty-five jumptroopers, attacked the Citadel of Ebenmal. Over three thousand Rebel soldiers attempted to defend the ancient structure, but the Imperials were able to gain the upper hand and capture the Citadel. The Rebels, in turn, surrendered to the Jumptroopers, bringing the battle to a close in one hour's time.

The battle[]

"The attack did not come from the ground, it came from above. Just before dawn, a stratospheric freighter released 85 of the prototype jumptroopers, who floated, serenely and unnoticed, down to the Citadel."
Imperial Atrocities and Other Noble Pursuits, by Chen Ming-di[1]

Sometime between the years 2 BBY and 1 BBY,[2] a battle was fought between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic at the Citadel of Ebenmal on the planetoid Ebenmal. Early in the morning, a group of eighty-five prototype Imperial jumptroopers exited a stratospheric freighter unnoticed. The troopers proceeded to attack the Citadel of Ebenmal, hitting the communications tower, rear ammo dumps, fuel supplies, and eventually the hangars. Although the defenders—over three thousand Rebel soldiers—attempted to stop them several times during the conflict, the Imperial jumptroopers merely used their jetpacks to escape the Rebels in the air.[1]

It had been said that the Citadel of Ebenmal had stood for over ten thousand years without falling to invasion. However, by the end of the one-hour battle, the Citadel of Ebenmal had been taken by the Empire. In addition, in excess of three thousand of the Rebels present surrendered to the Imperials. The battle and other subsequent information was later mentioned by the military historian Chen Ming-di in Imperial Atrocities and Other Noble Pursuits.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The battle fought on Ebenmal was first mentioned in the "Jumptrooper" databank entry in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the 2010 LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.[1]


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