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"I need this crystal to get home. So if you want it, you'll have to earn it."
―Noa Briqualon to King Terak[src]

The Battle of Endor was a contained conflict in 3 ABY between the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village and the Sanyassan Marauders of Terak's Keep.[1]

The battle was the result of King Terak demanding "the power" from the Towani family's starcruiser, which he intended to use to power his own ship. He and his troops attacked Bright Tree Village, capturing "the power" along with Cindel Towani (whose family Terak's troops had murdered) and many Ewoks. Although Cindel and the Ewok Wicket W. Warrick escaped, Terak imprisoned the rest in the dungeons of Terak's Keep. After meeting Noa Briqualon, Noa led a retaliation, along with Cindel and Wicket, into Terak's Keep, where they freed the imprisoned Ewoks and returned to Bright Tree Village. Furious, Terak led his troops back to the village, where the Sanyassans and the Ewoks fought one another. Noa split up the Ewoks into two teams, one which would stay with him in the starcruiser, and another to fight off the Marauders on foot.[1]

During the battle, the Ewoks used all available resources to hold off Terak's forces until Noa was able to get the starcruiser powered. Several things were used, such as spears, bows and arrows, stones, and a catapult. Once the starcruiser was functional, the Ewoks gained the upper-hand. The Marauders could not withstand the magnitude of the laser turrets from Noa's ship, and were forced to retreat. This ultimately led to a faceoff between Noa and Terak, in which the two engaged in a fierce swordfight. Terak once again demanded "the power", but this time threatened the life of Cindel. Noa appeared ready to surrender over "the power". But just as they were to make the exchange, Noa hit Terak with his walking stick, startling him. Terak drew his sword and started a duel. And soon Terak gained the upper-hand and was just about to strike down Noa, Teek saved the life of his companion by jumping on Terak's head, unbalancing him and when Wicket used his sling-shot to knock out the magical stone out of Terak's ring, which caused him to burn-up from inside, and ultimately die. The remaining Sanyassans retreated, which secured an Ewok victory. Noa and Cindel then said their goodbyes to their Ewok allies, and powered-up Noa's ship, which they used to leave the Endor moon, but promised they would return someday.[1]



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