The Battle of Episol was a minor engagement between Imperial forces loyal to Moff Kentor Sarne and the Kathol Republic Navy in the Episol system in 8 ABY.

Set up[edit | edit source]

In 8 ABY, the Imperial corvette Lialic II, operating under the name Lance of Endor and posing as a New Republic vessel, entered the Episol system. Captain Rolf Treidum made a number of unreasonable demands, including the annexation of all Republic worlds, a fifty percent tax on all products and resources, the forced sterilization of all colonists, and the replacement of elected representatives with appointed New Republic officials. Giving them an impossible deadline to meet, Treidum left the system and reported back to Moff Kentor Sarne.

Sarne, seeing a chance to delay the FarStar from following him through the Kathol Outback, deliberately responded with a message on a wide beam transmission that the FarStar was sure to pick up and decrypt. Sure enough, the crew of the FarStar intercepted and decoded the transmission, and set course for the Episol system immediately, hoping to find and engage Sarne.

The battle[edit | edit source]

The Lialic II returned to the Episol system to find that the Kathol Republic had not complied to Treidum's demands, much as they had expected. Due to their "failure", Treidum attacked, destroying one of the navy's vessels, and crippling another, the Marauder-class corvette Bravado III. Treidum had planned to hit several other targets, but the FarStar arrived in the system. Treidum ordered the Lialic II into hyperspace, leaving the FarStar to face the Republic.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The FarStar arrived in the system, and intercepted a distress call from the crippled Bravado III. Moving in to assist, they were confused to learn that captain of the vessel believed them to be in league with whoever had attacked them. Captain Willa Udine of the Bravado III kept the crew of the FarStar talking while six other vessels of the Kathol Republic Navy arrived. Surrounding the FarStar, fleet commander Hendric Faile called for the surrender of the New Republic vessel so the crew could answer for the crimes of their "sister ship", the Lance of Endor. Captain Adrimetrum, not wanting to antagonize the Kathol Republic and to clear the New Republic's name, surrendered. The ship and crew were taken to the capital of the Kathol Republic, Dayark to stand trial.

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