The Battle of Eredenn occurred when Separatist General Sev'rance Tann arrived at the planet during the Hunt for the Decimator after learning of the weapon's existence from Boorka the Hutt.

The battleEdit

Eredenn Base

A Republic base installed on Eredenn Prime.

At Count Dooku's command, Tann's army quickly exterminated the clone trooper garrison there and captured the research facilities that were working on the Decimators. Wookiee reinforcements of the Eredenn Prime army arrived too late to save the clones and half their forces fell casualty to the CIS. Nevertheless, their diversion allowed clone troopers to escape to Alaris Prime with the operational codes for the Decimators.

Eredenn base destroyed

The Eredenn base is destroyed.


She retrieved the machines and took a protocol droid that had data on the Decimator. Sev'rance Tann had thus gotten one step closer to having the Decimator under her control.

Decimators stolen

Decimators are stolen by the CIS.



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