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"Sorry, sir. Just received word from the fleet. General T'Teknulp and his division didn't make it."
"He…T'Teknulp…he was right behind me.''"
―Commander Cody and Anakin Skywalker[src]

A battle on the planet Farquar III was an engagement between Republic and Separatist forces.

The battleEdit

The world had recently aligned with the Separatists and the Republic was attempting to destroy the droid factory on the planet. The Republic forces were led by Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and T'Teknulp, complemented by Anakin Skywalker and Commander Cody. Kenobi and his forces, the 7th Sky Corps, landed and proceeded to take an empty city square. Not soon after, Separatist missiles were fired on their position. Commander Cody ordered the anti-air batteries in the square to take out the missiles, seven in all. Only five missiles were destroyed, and two hit the square, taking out one anti-air battery.

After the smoke had cleared, two squads of battle droids entered the square and began firing on Kenobi and his men. Kenobi destroyed the droids with ease, but six droidekas rolled into the square and attacked Kenobi and the clone troopers. The troopers returned fire long enough for the remaining anti-air battery to reload and fire at the droidekas, which were protected against the attack by their protective shields. The droidekas recovered from the blast and began firing again, killing two more troopers.

Pinned down and unable to progress any further, Kenobi called T'Teknulp for reinforcements, but was told that T'Teknulp's forces were currently under attack and that their arrival would be delayed. Skywalker rode a Republic gunship to reach Kenobi's position, but the gunship was destroyed due to enemy fire immediately after Skywalker debarked from it. Skywalker then devised a back-up plan to destroy the droidekas by destroying supports to a large roof that the droidekas were under. Kenobi and his men were able to distract the droidekas long enough for Skywalker to fulfill his plan, but not before the droidekas took out three more troopers. After the droidekas' destruction, Kenobi received word that T'Teknulp's forces had been destroyed in orbit and that he and Skywalker could receive no more assistance. Regardless, Kenobi's forces regrouped and proceeded to destroy the Separatist droid factory on the planet, ending the battle.


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