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Around 1 BBY, the Zann Consortium attacked the planet Felucia in order to steal a Sith holocron that Jabba the Hutt had acquired. After bribing their way through Nal Hutta and Felucia's space defenses Tyber Zann and his second-in-command Urai Fen arrived at a distance to the site.

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After landing on a suitable spot on the surface of Felucia, Tyber Zann sent Alpha Squad to scout the area. Alpha Squad did so only to wander through several Felucian spore plants and died. Tyber then brought out the F9-TZ Transport to carry the remaining troops across the deadly terrain. He also brought out a Mobile Defense Unit and constructed a rocket pod on it. After crossing the dangerous plants they had to travel the rest of the way by foot. They did so cutting down multiple mercenary groups from the Hutt Cartel. After noticing that the defenses alone are too powerful for a frontal assault, Tyber Zann and Urai Fen initiated their cloaking abilities and sneaked past the defenses. Urai Fen then eliminated a Noghri assassin, a Twi'lek commando, and the two Hutts guarding the holocron. Tyber Zann then gave the artifact to Urai Fen to keep it safe, Urai Fen escaped, but Tyber Zann was captured, killing three stormtroopers before surrendering.


Urai Fen escaped with the artifact, but Tyber Zann was captured and sent to Kessel. Urai Fen, however, was going to rescue Tyber Zann by hiring Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon. Urai rescued Zann as he sparked off a prison riot.



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