The Battle of Gaftikar was a Clone Wars battle that resulted in a Republic victory.


When Gaftikar was settled by Human colonists, they brought in Marits to construct the cities there. However, they then denied the Marits the right to live in the cities and treated them as second-class citizens. The Marits felt that, as they made up the majority of the population, they should have a say in the government in proportion to their numbers, which created tension between the two races.

These differences were increased during the Clone Wars, as Shenio Mining and the Republic wanted Gaftikar for its kelerium and norax deposits. The CIS offered to save the planet from the Republic and sided with the humans, while the Republic allied itself with the Marits.

Training the rebelsEdit

Sull, an Alpha-class ARC trooper, was sent to Gaftikar by the Republic in 21 BBY to train Marit rebel forces. They worked by cascading, where Sull would train some of the Marits and they would then train more of their own kind, while this process would be repeated, so that hundreds of thousands of fighters could be trained in a short amount of time.

After Sull went missing, A'den and Omega Squad were dispatched to replace him. During a reconnaissance mission into Eyat, the capital of Gaftikar, they discovered Sull and captured him. He had defected and got a job working in the city. Darman went to Sull's apartment and killed two Covert Ops clone troopers, who attacked him under the mistaken belief that he was Sull. This greatly disturbed the clones, as they realized Republic was sending assassins after its own men. A'den then arranged for Sull to go free.

The BattleEdit

The battle plan was that clone troopers under the command of Jedi General Mas Missur would knock out the local defense forces, while the Marits entered and occupied Eyat and then cascaded down to the other cities. The clones would then move out and leave the Marits in control. The Separatists noticed the inbound Republic forces heading to Gaftikar and warned the local Gaftikari in advance, but despite this, they still didn't put up much of a fight and it was quite an easy battle for the clones. A'den and Omega Squad spent the battle identifying Gaftikari comm stations for the Republic starfighters to knock out and near the end of the battle, Omega Squad were sent to bring the Gaftikar HoloNet relay center offline.


The Republic gained control of Gaftikar with minimal casualties, while the Marits presumably gained a say in the government.


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