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The Battle of Gall was a conflict initiated by members of the Rebel Alliance in 3.5 ABY, during the search for Boba Fett and his carbon-frozen prisoner, Han Solo.

Background[edit | edit source]

On Ord Mantell, Dash Rendar tracked down IG-88D in a scrap yard on the planet to interrogate him about the whereabouts of Fett. IG-88 gave him information, but then fired on Rendar, only to be destroyed.

When Lando Calrissian learned from Dash Rendar that Fett had been spotted on Gall, he informed his friends, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. They departed for Gall, where they met up with Skywalker's Rogue Squadron and Rendar himself. Fett, they learned, had stopped off at Gall for repairs to his ship, the Slave I, and now seemed the perfect opportunity to ambush the bounty hunter and free his captive.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Battle plan[edit | edit source]

However, this rescue mission was confounded by the presence of an Imperial Enclave, with two Star Destroyers on patrol. A suspected carrier was not present during the battle. Luke concocted a simple, yet risky plan; utilizing the combat skills of the Rogues to keep the Enclaves' fighter complement at bay, while counting on the piloting ability of Dash to lead Lando and Leia to Fett's ship. Despite the obvious danger of thirteen X-wings taking on a hundred and forty four TIE fighters, it was, as Luke pointed out, the only plan they had.

Rescue attempt[edit | edit source]

The rescue attempt was launched, with the Rogues flying in on a strafing run against the dayside Star Destroyer. Only twenty fighters were scrambled to meet the threat – the pilots no doubt thinking it was only a drill – though an additional squadron was soon launched. The Rogues did an impressive job of keeping the fighters away from the Grand Trench – where Rendar's Outrider was leading the Millennium Falcon towards the spaceport city – only losing one pilot when Will Scotian was forced to return to base after sustaining damage to his craft.

The Rogues' luck could not last, however. Another wave of TIEs approached – among them several TIE Interceptors, and Rogue Five was destroyed in the battle. Worse, the second Star Destroyer joined the battle, launching its own fighters into the fray. Fortunately, the Falcon reached the spaceport after a harrowing run through the Grand Trench, though Dash decided to leave the Rebels to face Fett alone—as he later remarked, he was paid only to guide, not shoot. And with a dozen TIE fighters on their tail, the crew of the Falcon was in dire need of help.

Into the Enclave[edit | edit source]

Leaving the battle in space, Dash landed his ship into a remote valley on the planet's surface. With Leebo guarding the ship, he moved on through the canyon, killing stormtroopers and Imperial commandos as he made his way into the Enclave. Once inside, he hacked into the control computer and found out Fett's location – a docking bay in the spaceport across the canyon. Stealing a jetpack, he began to fly across the canyon and make his way up to the hangars.

Stealing an Imperial patrol skiff for part of the trip, Dash eventually flew his way up to the spaceport with his jetpack, immediately facing an AT-ST assigned to sentry duty. He destroyed it, and the explosion made a wall protecting vent controls malfunction and open. Opening the vent shafts, he crawled through them, deeper into the inside-mountain installation. He ripped through more stormtroopers and commandos, briefly stealing another skiff before making his way to the top of the tower that served as the Slave I 's docking bay. There he engaged Fett in an air duel. With his jetpack blasted by Rendar, Fett flew out of control and crashed right into the Slave I. Unwilling to lose the fight and his hard-fought quarry, he quickly began to attack Rendar with the ship's weapons systems. Yet even with the Slave I's firepower, he was ultimately bested by Rendar, and the Slave itself was disabled. However, an Imperial transport quickly picked up Fett and Han Solo's carbonite block, and headed towards Tatooine to deliver them to Jabba the Hutt.

Assassination attempt[edit | edit source]

Over the Enclave base, the Rogues, like Dash, decided to cut and run, preparing for a mock hyperspace jump to fool their pursuers into believing they had left the system. Plotting a course towards their base on the moon of Kile, the Rogues were shocked to see Wes Janson's X-wing firing on Luke. The frantic Wes realized his astromech droid had taken control of his ship and with no way to stop the droid, Luke was forced to disable his fellow pilot's fighter, before towing him back to base. There, in a disturbing development, Luke found that the astro-droid had been programmed to kill him.

Retreat[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile, the rescue mission was over—and it had not been a success. Forced to evade incoming TIE fighters, the Rebels had been unable to prevent Fett's escape, and without the Rogues on hand, he was able to flee into hyperspace with the frozen Han. Dejected, the crew returned to base, where the matter of Luke's attempted assassination led to an even bigger conflict.

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