"Follow your orders, Mister! That isn't an occupying force, they're here for the FarStar!"
Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum[src]

The Battle of Galtea was an engagement between the New Republic corvette FarStar, and a roving Imperial fleet allied to Moff Kentor Sarne.

The set-upEdit

Before crossing the Marcol Void, the FarStar landed on the planet Galtea for shore leave, to replenish supplies and perform maintenance and repairs. During the layover, the Imperial spy codenamed the Wraith gained access to a transmitter and relayed the position of the corvette to one of Sarne's patrol fleets. Then, using his position in the FarStar's maintenance section, rigged one of the command center's K4 security droids with an override command code and a small projectile gun loaded with a poison tipped dart. Finally, he placed a remote controlled shaped charge on one of the power conduits on the bridge close to the captain's station. On the second day after arriving on the planet, the sensors on the FarStar picked up three Imperial vessels reverting from hyperspace. Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum ordered the crew back onboard, then lifted off from the planet to engage the enemy.

The battleEdit

The Imperial forces, consisting of a Strike-class medium cruiser, a Lancer-class frigate, and an Ton-Falk-class escort carrier, swung around the far side of Galtea's moon with all turbolasers blazing. TIE fighters streaked ahead of the main force. Realizing she had no hope of victory, Adrimetrum ordered the X-wings to provide a screen while the navigator plotted an exit vector away from the planet. As the FarStar ran from the Imperial forces, the Wraith triggered the shaped charge on the bridge's power conduit. The explosion severed all power to the bridge, and seemingly injured Captain Adrimetrum, knocking her unconscious. In reality, the Wraith had used the explosion to cover the act of remotely ordering the K4 to fire the poison dart at Adrimetrum.

The crew of the corvette managed to reroute power and restore control of the ship. Fortunately for the crew of the FarStar, the backup memory buffer in the nav computer stored the jump sequence, allowing the ship to jump to safety.

The aftermathEdit

The FarStar retreated to an uncharted binary system several hours away from Galtea. The radiation field from the twin stars allowed the ship to remain hidden from enemy sensors, giving the crew time to effect repairs. Despite severe damage to the bridge and hull damage, the ship suffered light casualties. Captain Adrimetrum, however, was in a coma in the medical bay. Doctor Akanseh couldn't account for the coma since the captain's injuries wouldn't have caused it. An investigation conducted by Acting Captain Gorak Khzam and Security Officer Kl'aal revealed the Wraith's sabotage and attempted assassination. Akanseh analyzed the information, and found evidence of poison. Major Breslin Drake recalled that the planet Sebiris had been the source of toxin used by an assassin in the employ of Sarne. Hoping to find a cure, the FarStar set course for Sebiris.



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