The Battle of Garia was fought on the planet Garia in the Brak sector during the latter stages of the Clone Wars.


After being forced from most of their holdings in the Core Worlds, the Confederacy of Independent Systems withdrew to the Outer Rim Territories. In an attempt to divert the pursuing Galactic Republic forces, the Confederacy established a number of minor bases, which the Republic would have to spend time and resources in defeating. One such base was established on the planet Garia in the Brak sector, close to the Corellian Run hyperlane.

The battleEdit

The base threatened Republic shipping, so Republic forces under the command of Admiral Jonoin arrived at Garia, to drive out the CIS. The Republic forces carried out an orbital bombardment in an attempt to destroy the base, but after they discovered that the base was protected by energy shielding, the bombardment was called off. Republic ground forces then landed on Garia and began an assault on the base.


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