"Despite few scattered victories, including the Battle of Orinda and the requisition of his former flagship Chimaera in the Battle of Gravlex Med, he had been unable to stop the march of history."
Voren Na'al, about Admiral Pellaeon[src]

The Battle of Gravlex Med was a battle during the late Galactic Civil War.


It began when slicers hired by the Imperial Remnant forged a disassembly order for the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera,[2] which had been captured by the New Republic during Operation Shadow Hand.[3] This order sent the vessel to the shipyards of Gravlex Med, a wasted planet that was formerly the homeworld of the Anx.[2]

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Upon the arrival of the Chimaera, its skeleton crew was overcome by Imperial commandos, who blasted their way through New Republic pickets.[2] Admiral Ackbar himself led the forces which attempted to recapture Chimaera from Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon,[1] but Pellaeon was nonetheless able to regain his flagship.[2][1][3] The Battle of Gravlex Med was one of his last victories against the New Republic.[3]


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