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After the rogue starfighter unit Rogue Squadron conducted a number of raids against bacta convoys, Ysanne Isard retaliated by destroying a colony on the planet Halanit.


The target was a small colony which had received some of the bacta that Rogue Squadron had taken from Isard's bacta convoys. The initial attack against the colony was conducted by TIE starfighters piloted by Thyferran Home Defense Corps's pilots because Ysanne Isard wanted the Thyferran to get their hands dirty.

The battleEdit

Commander Erisi Dlarit guided a group of four TIE/In starfighters and four TIE bombers piloted by Thyferran pilots. The TIE bombers dropped thermal detonators to melt the ice covering the double-paneled transparisteel dome protecting the colony. The uncovered dome was then destroyed with the use of high yeld proton bombs. With the dome destroyed, the TIE Interceptors began to strafe the civilians while two Lambda-class shuttles landed and began to unload their stormtroopers.

The colony in itself had no weapons of any sort, but Gavin Darklighter, who was refueling his starfighter there after having escaped with a blind-jump from the Corrupter at the Ambush of the bacta tankers, tried to protect the colonists. The Rogue Squadron pilot managed to shoot down three Interceptors, before he was forced to jump away. After the short battle, the Corrupter initiated a planetary barrage that expanded the damage done by the TIE Bombers and stormtroopers.


The New Republic sent ships for rescue purposes but it was widely believed that none of the colonists survived the attack.


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