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The Battle of Halbara was an Imperial strike against a Rebel convoy carrying B-wing starfighters and supplies headed for the Airam sector.

The battleEdit

The battle erupted when a spearhead force of Assault Gunboats entered the staging area of the Rebel convoy. X-wing starfighters from Rogue and Gold Squadrons immediately moved to intercept, but could not prevent a few torpedoes being launched at the Ton-Falk-class escort carrier. While both fighter groups were engaging the Assault Gunboats, the frigates Damocles and Lightning appeared in the systems and deployed TIE/IN interceptors and TIE/sa bombers, putting tremendous pressure on the Rebel starfighter groups.

However, the skill of Rebel pilots prevailed and the entire starfighter complements of the frigates as well as all Assault Gunboats were eventually destroyed. The Rebel fighter squadrons then moved to engage the frigates, providing targets for the Imperial gunners and distracting them from the convoy. While the cargo ferries and Corellian corvettes jumped to the safety of hyperspace, Rogue Squadron forced the Damocles and the Lightning to withdraw or be destroyed. When the Gallant jumped, the remaining Rogue and Gold starfighters quickly followed.


The Rebel Alliance in the Airam sector had received a full shipment of B-wing starfighters with this convoy. They proceeded to replace some of the aging BTL Y-wing starfighters from Green Squadron with the newer B-wings, which proved a valuable asset to the Liberty task force operating in the area. The new bombers would be put to use in the attack on the Gelgelar system for the first time in the campaign.


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