"He's trying to destroy my flagship! He wants to humiliate me."
Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk, about High Admiral Treuten Teradoc[src]

The Battle of Harrsk's fortress was a skirmish in the Imperial Civil War.


"We've detected incoming ships, moving fast. More of the out-system spy holocams triggered alarms, a dozen more ships coming from below the orbital plane this time. I've spotted seventy."
Commander Kratas[src]

Admiral Daala.

Upon learning that Admiral Daala would be visiting the world of his nemesis, Supreme Warlord Blitzer Harrsk, High Admiral Treuten Teradoc sent his Crimson Command on a mission to humiliate Harrsk.

The battleEdit

"We can't hold out much longer. Shields failing. Admiral, I..."
―Kratas' last words, to Admiral Daala[src]

Just as Harrsk was showing off his assembled fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers to Daala, the Crimson Command force arrived in-system under the command of Vice Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, with orders to destroy Harrsk's prized flagship, the Shockwave.


Vice Admiral Pellaeon.

Commander Kratas, Daala's second-in-command, was touring the Shockwave and assumed command of the counterattack. Concentrating firepower on the large ship, Pellaeon's forces managed to overpower its shields and destroy it, damaging three other ships at the cost of eleven of their own.


Daala: "I have no intention of assisting you in your childish brawl, Warlord Harrsk. You just lost me the best commander I ever had. I will not perpetuate this."
Harrsk: "Stormtroopers! [sic] Take Admiral Daala to one of my Star Destroyers. She will command our retaliatory strike against High Admiral Teradoc. If she refuses, you will execute her immediately for treason."
―Admiral Daala and Warlord Harrsk[src]

In response, Harrsk forced Admiral Daala into his service, and the two took the remaining eight star destroyers to Teradoc's sphere of influence but the strike was prematurely stopped by the intervention of Daala. This led to the series of events which culminated in the warlord meeting at Tsoss Beacon and the unification of the Imperial Remnant under Admiral Daala and Vice Admiral Pellaeon.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Essential Atlas identified Harrsk's capital world as Kalist.



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