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"We don't have to win, all we have to do is fight."
Mace Windu[3]

The battle of Haruun Kal was a conflict during the Clone Wars.



While Haruun Kal was not much of a military target, the population had many Force-sensitive beings, which the Republic wanted to keep away from the Separatists. Depa Billaba was sent to train the people of the world to fight against the Separatists. This was successful in itself, but after a holo showing Depa Billaba killing an innocent person, Mace Windu was sent to capture his former apprentice. Mace found that Depa had joined forces with Kar Vastor, a dark Force-user, and his Korunnai warriors. Eventually, after a fight with Vastor, Mace put his former apprentice under arrest, and called the Republic cruiser Halleck. At this time, Colonel Lorz Geptun, the leader of the Balawai militia and Separatist forces here on the planet's, used spy satellites to track Mace's lightsaber's energy signature. Hoping to destroy both Jedi and the Korunnai forces, Geptun sent DOKAWs down on their position.

Battle at Lorshan Pass[]

Halleck arrived in-system, and was immediately attacked by Vulture Droids which had been waiting in the system. The droids had been powered down and positioned to mimic debris, so they caught the clone forces by complete surprise. It started deploying gunships, which came under attack by the droid starfighters. Clone troopers with Repulsorpacks started spilling out of the Halleck, and put themselves in front of the droid starfighters to destroy them. Some of the landing craft made it to the surface, but many were picked off. Seven-Four, a bubble-gun turreter on a LAAT gunship, was blown off his gunship in space. With the help of an RP trooper, he was positioned, and destroyed the last droid starfighter.

On the surface, Mace Windu managed to avoid the DOKAWs impacts. At the same time, the Balawai militia, consisting of 15,000 regulars, converged on his and the Korunnai position. Turbostorm-class gunships, and Ground Assault Vehicles battled Korunnai Akk Guard, Akk dogs, a mounted Ankkox, and a group of stampeding Grasser. The involvement of the clone troopers and droid fighters changed the local Summertime War between the Balawai and the Korunnai to a galactic battle. Mace as a republic representative, joined forces with Kar and Depa's forces. They were able to commandeer two of the Balawai gun ships and fire on the droid starfighters. The droids, thinking that the Balawai were now enemies, fired on the remaining Balawai ships. This allowed the clone troopers to land and gain a foot hold at the Lorshan Pass. Mace revealed that he had planned all this, and that not only would he be defeating the Balawai and Separatist forces, he would be taking the whole system.

Pelek Baw[]

"Master Windu? Did we win?"
"....I seem to be the last one standing.
Lorz Geptun and Mace Windu after the Battle of Haruun Kal[3]

A combined Republic and Korunnai force invaded the capital city of Pelek Baw. They easily took over the command bunker in the main spaceport. While Mace went to the Ministry of Justice to find Lorz Geptun and the droid fighter command codes, Kar betrayed Mace, took over the command bunker, and started firing on Balawai civilians. Mace convinced Geptum that the only way his city would survive was for him to surrender Balawai territory, and the entire system to the Republic. After he had surrendered, Geptun accompanied Mace to a confrontation with Kar. While Mace battled Depa and Kar, Geptun recalled the clone troopers. Nick Rostu was able to keep Depa from killing herself by shooting her lightsaber out of her hand. Mace impaled Kar with a vibroshield.


Kar Vastor was placed under arrest and taken to the Jedi Temple. Depa Billaba remained in a coma. Her council seat was given to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Nick Rostu received the Medal of Valor and went on to lead the 44th Division. A Republic force stayed on Haruun Kal to police both the local tribes and the city dwellers. Haruun Kal remained part of the Galactic Republic and its Force-sensitive inhabitants were kept out of the war. Haruun Kal remained fairly peaceful until Imperial forces bombed the planet killing many if not all of the Korunnai.

Behind the scenes[]

Kar Vastor aak dog Battle of Haruun Kal NEC

Kar Vastor holds an aak dog as Republic war machines attempt to pacify Haruun Kal

The image of the battle from The New Essential Chronology indicated that an Acclamator-class transport and Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors were in the battle; however, this is at odds with the novel.



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