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"With Parlan gone, I will be fighting Westen. I would like him to know who he is facing..."
Adar Tallon[src]

A battle was fought at Heterkus during the Galactic Civil War.


Adar Tallon, hero of the Old Republic, had recently been recruited by the Rebel Alliance. For failure to prevent this, Parlan, the previous commander of the Relentless, had been executed by Darth Vader. Westen became the new commander and feared a similar fate.[1]

The battleEdit

Three Imperial-class Star Destroyers appeared over the world of Heterkus and began bombarding several Rebel strongholds as well as cities that were suspected of rebellion. The Alliance sent help in form of a small fleet under Adar Tallon and the cruiser Silent Water.[1]

As soon as the Rebel Fleet arrived, starfighters were launched by both sides and bombarding with long-range fire started. One of the first Rebel fleet casualties was a small corvette. As the battle progressed, Tallon formed a tactic, based on the fact that he knew the lead Star Destroyer's commander, Westen. With only minimal starfighter cover of one squadron, he ordered the Silent Water to charge towards the Relentless.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Battle of Heterkus first appeared in the WEG sourcebook The Star Wars Rules Companion as the introduction paragraph to Capital Ship Combat. The outcome is not specified, however both Tallon and Westen somehow survive the battle, as they appear in later sources.


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