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The Battle of Hospital was a skirmish that erupted between forces of the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic some time in 3 ABY in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. An Imperial victory, the battle resulted in the deaths of Tomaas Azzameen and Galin Azzameen, who had been delivering aid to the rebellion at the time of the attack.


The Rebel hospital was established some time after Hoth had fallen to the Galactic Empire. There was a large number of wounded Alliance personnel following the evacuation of Echo Base, so the Hospital was assigned to tend to these victims. To aid their battle-weary allies, the Azzameen family agreed to send a shipment of bacta to the facility that was to be obtained from the black market. The Azzameens managed to get the bacta despite the fact that the cargo transfer between the Azzameens and their pirate contacts had been a trap, and immediately escorted the cargo to the station via the Vasudra, one of the Azzameen family's medium transports. Tomaas Azzameen and Galin flew the Vasudra, while Emon and Ace flew as escorts.


The Azzameen family began pumping bacta into the station as soon as the Vasudra had docked. Unfortunately, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Corrupter and two Lancer-class frigates, the Cascade and Blue Hawk, jumped into the area via hyperspace and immediately proceeded to attack the Rebels. The Rebels only had the MC40a light cruiser Shadow and four X-wings to defend themselves; faced with the unfavorable odds, the Rebels immediately began to evacuate Hospital. Emon and Ace joined the battle in the Andrasta and the Otana and fought to hold off the Imperial onslaught until all ships had escaped. Tomaas and Galin proceeded to reload the bacta and help evacuate the wounded Rebels on the station in fear that the Rebels would blame them for supposedly organizing an Imperial ambush against them. In the chaos that unfolded, the Corrupter and its escorts bore down on the Rebels, their combined firepower nearly overwhelming the small fighter screen defending the evacuees. Meanwhile, several squadrons of TIE Bombers focused their attacks on the Shadow, intending to destroy the only defensive Rebel vessel in the vicinity while the TIE Fighters dealt with the X-wings. However, despite the overwhelming Imperial numbers, the Rebels and the Azzameens managed to kill dozens of Imperial pilots and many Rebel vessels carrying supplies, troops, and the wounded managed to escape. Unfortunately, they could only delay the inevitable for so long as the Corrupter deployed several Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transports loaded with Stormtroopers escorted by Assault Gunboats to attack Hospital and any remaining transports in the area. Despite the desperate defense, the Vasudra was ambushed while abandoning the station, and the Imperials succeeded in destroying it. Presumably, both Tomaas and Galin died in the resulting explosion. Emon and Ace protected the remaining ships and then fled back to the colony at Brint-wo to make their way home. The Imperials wiped out the Rebel stragglers and then seized Hospital. However, the Azzameens succeeded in saving at least 66% of the base personnel before leaving. Ace Azzamen also managed to retrieve some debris left behind by a destroyed TIE fighter and kept it as a souvenir.


The Azzameen brothers managed to escape with their lives, but the loss of Tomaas and Galin hit the family hard in every way possible. Antan Azzameen immediately took over as head of Twin Suns Transport Services, and the family mourned their loss. However, there were many long-term consequences for the family. The Rebels grew distrustful of the Azzameens, thinking that they deliberately led the Imperials to the hidden station through a phony cargo transfer. While it is not explicitly stated who was responsible for the Imperials' discovery of the site, it is known that the Azzameens were not guilty. But before they could go prove their innocence, the Imperials discovered the Azzameens' involvement with the Rebels and proceeded to shut down Twin Suns Transport Services. The Azzameens managed to save their most precious valuables and employees before almost all of their assets, including Azzameen Station, were seized by Imperial and Viraxo forces. The Viraxo, who were the Azzameens' main business rival, were given control of most of the bases, and the Azzameens fled to the Rebel Alliance to request asylum. Although the Azzameens managed to regain the trust of their allies thanks to family friend and Rebel pilot Olin Garn, Antan Azzameen was captured and would not be rescued until some time later. Ace Azzameen became a professional Rebel pilot in time, and fought in the memory of his father and brother and for their dying company.

Behind the scenes[]

It is not clear which of the rebel ships were destroyed. What is canon is that 66%, if not more, escaped the hospital but the ships that escaped would depend on the actions of the player and the AI-controlled fighters.

It is possible that the player could achieve 100%, meaning that all of the Rebel ships escaped. This does not include the Vasudra as it was supposed to be destroyed. This also does not include the patrolling X-wings.

The names of some of the ships seem to be references to famous American film directors who happen to be brothers; for example Coen (Coen brothers), Farrelly (Farrelly brothers), and Raimi (Raimi brothers).



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