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"The Republic is dug in too deep. They outnumber us three to one!"
"Shortsighted, as always. This campaign was never about annihilation, or even about winning. We're here to drag the Republic into an unwinnable conflict, to tie up their resources. Every day we keep them here spinning their wheels is another victory for the Empire. Remember that."
―An Imperial soldier and officer discuss the Hoth quagmire[1]

During the last days of the Cold War and the early days of the Galactic War, the Outer Rim world of Hoth became a battleground in a conflict between the Galactic Republic, the Sith Empire, and an opportunistic Pirate Confederation. The contention over the world began during the Great Galactic War years prior, when the Empire's and Republic's naval forces met in battle in the Hoth system. The engagement devastated both fleets, causing hundreds of ruined vessels to rain down upon the barren planet. Neither government could afford to mount a recovery effort, so the invaluable technology remained on the world in a starship graveyard. In the absence of both Republic and Sith interference, a group of pirates began to hoard the technology and protect their loot with an army of battle droids and mercenaries.

When the confusion of the Great Galactic War was settled and the galaxy entered into the Cold War, both the Imperials and the Republic began plans to revisit Hoth. The two forces came into conflict with one another and the pirate confederation in the early days of the Galactic War, leading to a drawn-out and bitter conflict for control of the world.

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Hoth of the Galactic War appears throughout the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, released by BioWare and LucasArts. The events of the battle are detailed both throughout the in-game Codex and the Imperial and Republic world and class missions. All missions can be completed by a group of players, and any class can complete both the world missions and side missions. Therefore, this article refers to the player characters in each quest as a group of Imperial or Republic operatives, and assumes that each faction completes their respective missions according to their respective alignments.



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