The Battle of Hsskhor was a battle fought during the New Sith Wars between the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Galactic Republic. In 1003 BBY, the Brotherhood, seeking to gain a foothold in the Mid Rim, captured the planet of Kashyyyk. The surviving Republic soldiers fled to the neighboring world of Trandosha. The Brotherhood sent twenty units of troopers in pursuit, and caught up to the Republic forces outside the city of Hsskhor. After a day of fighting with no definitive victor, the two sides retreated to opposite sides of the battlefield as the sun set only to find themselves under attack by the native Trandoshans. The Trandoshans, who were not allied to either side, attacked both factions, causing heavy losses. However, with the help of reinforcements, the Sith were able to defeat the Republic, and the city of Hsskhor was razed to the ground.


For one thousand years, the Sith and the Galactic Republic did battle in the conflict known as the New Sith Wars. In 1010 BBY, a former Jedi Master, Lord Skere Kaan, reorganized the Sith into the Brotherhood of Darkness, over twenty thousand Sith Lords strong.[2] The Brotherhood of Darkness began a new campaign against the Republic, winning many victories. In 1003 BBY, the Brotherhood of Darkness set their sights on the heavily-forested Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, hoping to secure a foothold in the Mid Rim.[1]

What ensued was the Battle of Kashyyyk, a long, bloody battle which the Sith eventually won. After the battle, the surviving Republic soldiers fled to the neighboring world of Trandosha, and the Sith dispatched twenty units of Sith troopers to eliminate them.[1]

The battle[]

The Sith troopers caught up to the Republic forces in the grasslands outside the city of Hsskhor, and a large battle ensued between the Sith and the Republic. A day of savage fighting left many dead on both sides, but no definitive victor. As night fell, both sides retreated to opposite sides of the battlefield to regroup. However, a few hours later, the native Trandoshans attacked. The Trandoshans, who were not allied on either side of the New Sith Wars, cut a swath of destruction through the ranks of the Sith and Republic alike. The Sith and Republic soldiers were caught completely off guard, and by the time the sun rose, nearly half of the Sith troops had been killed. Help quickly came for the Brotherhood, however, as reinforcements were sent in from Kashyyyk to overwhelm both the Republic forces and the Trandoshans. Many of the Trandoshans simply gave up the fight to defend their homes, and offered their services to the Sith. In the end, the Republic forces were destroyed in less than a week.[1]


After the Battle of Hsskhor, the once-proud city of Hsskhor was sacked and razed to the ground.[1] However, the city would be rebuilt sometime over the next millennium.[3] Several troopers who fought in the battle, such as the Sith soldier Adanar, were traumatized by the fighting.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Hsskhor was first mentioned in Drew Karpyshyn's 2006 novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.[1]



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