The Battle of ILC-905 was fought during the Black Fleet Crisis in 17 ABY.[1]


While patrolling the star-dense Koornacht Cluster in Triangle-High Forward formation, Commodore Brand's patrol group discovered that the ILC-905 system was being used by the Yevetha as a jump point. In addition, the New Republic force was able to detect one docked starship at the shipyard around Prildaz.

The battleEdit

Indomitable and Vanguard engaged the two docked Aramadia-class thrustships, but were ambushed by another pair, Tholos and Rizaron. However Commodore Brand pressed the attack against the Yevethan starships.

After Vanguard succumbed to enemy fire, two K-wings of Red Flight, piloted by Esege Tuketu and Dogo, broke off from their successful bombing runs against the Black Nine shipyards. They joined the attack on the thrustships and delivered a devastating strike against Tholos. With its navigational systems damaged, Tholos plunged into a nearby planet, prompting the remaining thrustships to flee.


While the entire battle lasted for only eleven minutes, the engagement proved crucial in the New Republic's campaign against the Yevetha by providing intelligence on how to defeat their advanced deflector shield technology.



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Tyrant's Test, pp. 193-219

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