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"To galactic north, Republic forces counterattacked, aided by Zabrak military units, winning key victories at Iridonia and Ithor. That prevented the Mandalorians from executing a pincer movement against Coruscant, and allowed the Republic a corridor for reinforcing the Taris front."
―From Vilnau Teupt's "Industry, Honor, Savagery: Shaping the Mandalorian Soul", 24 ABY[src]

A battle at the planet Ithor occurred during the Mandalorian Wars in the year 3963 BBY. The battle was an important victory for the Galactic Republic in its war with the invading Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders.

Ithor was a great asset for the Republic as it was a key exporter of agricultural and medical supplies during the Old Sith Wars. During the period, Ithorian scientist aided Selkath marine biologists from Manaan in refining Kolto into a host of potent healing products. During the Great Sith War, the Republic Military stationed a massive planetary defense fleet around Ithor and that fleet was further enlarged during the Mandalorian Wars.

When the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders attacked the planet of Taris and spread out to attack other worlds, one of their invasion corridors brought them to Ithor. The Republic Military soon counterattacked alongside Zabrak reinforcements. The counterattack won them the day on Ithor, as well as Iridonia.[2] The battle was one of the few victories for the Republic in the days before the Revanchists joined the war effort. As such, it helped to bolster the Republic's supply lines and it greatly improved troop morale during the early days of the war.

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