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This article is about the battle in 12 ABY. You may be looking for the raid during the Great Jedi Purge.

"Nice diversion."
Alexandra Winger[src]

The Battle of Janara III was a New Republic raid on Janara III held by Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.


"Alexandra, welcome to Sreina. You're on Janara III."
Captain Brandei, to Alexandra Winger[src]

Following the Liberation of Garos IV, former resistance fighter Alexandra Winger joined the New Republic Starfighter Corps, and according to her dreams and Force Visions, she became a X-wing pilot, flying with Blue Squadron as Blue Four.[3]

Lieutenant Winger in her X-wing.

In 12 ABY, during a routine mission she attacked two TIE starfighters with her squadron, when a Star Destroyer appeared, which damaged her starfighter and captured her. Placed in cell for days and then transferred to a prison on Janara III, she discovered that it was the Captain Brandei's destroyer, the Judicator, which had captured her. The old friend of her adoptive father, Tork Winger, tried to make her talk, telling her that following its discovery in command of a Republican ship, her father and her "boyfriend" Dair Haslip had been arrested for complicity of treason and showing her the two men tortured on holocomm.[3]

The battle[]

Alexandra Winger during her custody on Janara III.

"A Lambda-class shuttle against Imperial starfighters?"
"It's good your friends showed up, eh?"
―Alexandra Winger and Dair Haslip[src]

But Haslip, safe and in a stormtrooper disguise, came to her rescue and told her about the death of her father three months earlier of a heart attack. He also informed her that the New Republic reinforcements were incoming to rescue her. Escaped from the prison with her friend on a OP-5 landspeeder, the young woman was chased by some scout troopers on their speeder bikes while the X-wing starfighter were attacking the Imperial facilities. During the pursuit Alex was shot in the hand, losing fingers, but they still managed to escape by stealing a Lambda shuttle and going into hyperspace.[3]


"Stop exaggerating. It's only a couple of fingers. Really, I'm okay. Let me get us out of here."
―Alex Winger, to Dair Haslip[src]

Coming out of hyperspace, Alex decided that it was time for her to go on to Yavin 4, and entered the coordinates of the Jedi moon in the computer.[3]



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