Around 3639 BBY at the start of the Galactic War, the Hutt Cartel ruled by the Supreme Mogul Karagga the Unyielding saw a power vacuum caused by the fighting between Republic and Sith and tried to occupy it, becoming a third part in the war; so Karagga severed all ties with both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Seeing Karagga's actions as a threat, both the Republic and the Empire send representatives to confront Karagga and forced him to stop his aggression. In the end Karagga and all his minions were killed.


Due to the increase in power by the Dread Masters, the Hutt Cartel felt threatened and chose to move aggressively to enter the Galactic War. The Republic and Sith Empire both chose to respond to this threat, sending a strike team to Karagga's Palace on Nal Hutta to confront the Supreme Mogul regarding his actions.


The strike team encountered violence almost immediately after landing, coming under attack at the entrance to the palace by Karagga's guards, mercenaries of several species including Gamorreans, Weequay and others. Responding in kind, the team fought its way into the palace to the audience chamber. Karagga appeared present to greet the group, but he activated a hidden command, dumping the floor out beneath the group and dropping them into a pit. Karagga released the Rancor Bonethrasher into the pit, taunting the strike team. The group confronted the beast in a large ring surrounded by acid, and was forced to move about in order to avoid deadly swipes. Karagga attempted to favor his pet by feeding it Gamorreans to increase Bonethrasher's rage and releasing a pair of Manka cats to attack the strike team. These actions were unsuccessful, and after a lengthy fight, Bonethrasher was killed. This death sent Karagga into a fit of rage.

The strike team fought their way back into the palace, defeating a number of Karagga's guards and prompting the Hutt's guests to flee. Returning to the audience chamber they found it occupied by a pair of bounty hunters, the Kaleesh Jarg and the Devaronian Sorno. The strike team split their force in order to confront this foe, countering their enemies' using of carbonite sprays, missile blasts, and flamethrowers. After one of the pair fell the Herald of Karagga offered the full payment to the survivor, inducing additional effort, but the strike team succeeded in killing both opponents. In order to reach Karagga the strike moved through the sewage system of the palace, facing Womp rats and Jurgorans that dwelled in the tunnels. After defeating these creatures and additional guards, they emerged into a open area with several cannon batteries. These were defended by a group of trained Kintan crushers and their Human and Weequay handlers. Fighting through these the strike team sliced the cannon controls to override Karagga's security, opening the entrance to Karraga's droid factory.

After defeating a party of Twi'lek infiltrators guarding the plaza, the strike team faced Foreman Crusher and his Gamorrean handlers. Foreman Crusher engaged the group, repeatedly flying into a deadly rage when injured, and supported by additional Gamorreans, but was overwhelmed and killed. Karagga's droid factory was filled with powerful Terror Droids, mechanics, and other weaponry. After fighting through a number of corridors, the strike team reached the fabrication room. This area was occupied by the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator, an experimental battledroid outfitted with state of the art regenerative armor. In order to defeat this enemy the strike team coordinated the factory equipment to immolate the droid at intervals, overcoming its armor plating. Exiting the droid factory, the strike team fought a final series of guards on catwalks, defeating them and their turrets. They then reached the internal spaceport of the palace. Here an enraged Karagga swore to confront the group in person. The Hutt piloted a six-legged walker. This machine had powerful weapons, including flamethrowers, a drill, a generator for spatial distortion fields, and the ability to release explosive mouse droids. In spite of these devices, the strike team was able to destroy the machine, killing Karagga in the process. They then took a shuttle and escaped the facility.


Information recovered during the raid revealed the role of the Dread Masters in prompting the Hutt Cartel's newfound aggression, placing the Republic and Sith Empire on guard against the new threat.



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