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The Battle of Keskin took place about nine months after the Battle of Yavin in the Galactic Civil War. In it, the Rebel Alliance raided the Imperial planet of Keskin. Malis, Reydon, and Ohvan fought in the battle.

The battle[]

Sunber commanding troops on the battlefield.

Many of the beautiful floating structures established on the planet were hit by cannon fire and fell from the sky, littering the battlefields. A heavily protected Rebel fortification was put under siege towards the end of this conflict, with rebel troops ambushing Imperial squads while their attention was on the Rebel artillery.

The Rebel's main ion cannon disabled many walkers and became a priority target. Ordering the walkers to withdraw from the frontlines, the Empire called in airstrikes on the main fortification, leading to cause the downed TIE/sa bomber leader to crash into the ground and swept across a small portion of the battlefield, crushing soldiers underneath it. After that the Imperials received orders to retreat with heavy losses on both sides.


Eventually, the Rebels were devastated and many were taken prisoner. Due to the high death toll on the Imperial side, the prisoners were treated harshly and some were tortured in retaliation.

Lieutenant Janek Sunber participated in this battle, surviving several near-death experiences and eventually coming to believe his good fortune was caused by a higher will, pushing him forward for an unknown purpose. This made him determined to hand over information about the Rebel Alliance's great hero, his childhood friend, Luke Skywalker.



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