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A battle was fought above the planet Kessel in 11 ABY.


Following a New Republic attack on the Maw Installation, Tol Sivron and most of the personnel there escaped from the Maw Cluster aboard the Death Star prototype.[1]

The BattleEdit

The Death Star prototype arrived outside Kessel and Sivron planned to test fire its superlaser by using it to destroy Kessel.[1] However it missed and destroyed Kessel's Garrison Moon instead, also destroying three freighters which failed to get clear of the moon in time.

The Smugglers' Alliance was beginning a spice mining operation on Kessel and sent out some ships to attack the prototype, commanded by Mara Jade, who was aboard the Millennium Falcon.[1] The prototype tried to respond by firing its superlaser at them, but only succeeded in destroying one of the smuggler's ships; the remainder were small and fast enough to avoid the blast. The battle quickly turned into a stalemate, as the prototype's superlaser was too inaccurate and charged too slowly to take out the freighters, but the freighters themselves lacked the firepower to cause any serious damage to the prototype.

Realising that their best chance was to wait for help from the New Republic to arrive, the Smugglers' Alliance forces pulled back to regroup, and Sivron used this as an opportunity to return to the Maw.[1] Just before it was able to leave, the Falcon secretly secured itself onto the prototype, using its landing claw, and accompanied it on its journey back. Its crew subsequently attempted to detonate the prototype's main reactor, but only succeeded in causing minor damage.


The Smugglers' Alliance had been planning to use the Garrison Moon as a base for their mining operations, so the destruction of it was a major setback for them. The moon's destruction also bombarded Kessel with debris, although most of the planet's installations were subterranean, meaning that it proved a relatively small setback.[1]

The Death Star prototype returned to the Maw, where the arrival of Admiral Daala's Star Destroyer, the Gorgon, was turning the tide of the battle in favor of the Empire.[1]



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