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"Find out what they know about the Resistance and then burn the city."
―Gideon Hask, to his troopers[1]

Following the destruction of the Hosnian system, a battle broke out in Kestro, the capital city of the planet Vardos, in 34 ABY during the early stages of open warfare between the First Order and the Resistance.

The battle[]

"I had to live in your galaxy, Iden. Now it's your turn to live in mine."
―Gideon Hask, to Iden Versio[1]

A battle in Kestro was fought between the First Order, Jinata Security, and members of the Resistance during the early stages of the First Order-Resistance War[1] in 34 ABY.[6] The battle began as an operation undertaken by former Imperial agent Iden Versio, who was joined by her daughter Zay Versio and close friend Shriv Suurgav to find information on Versio's husband, Del Meeko. Returning to her homeworld of Vardos, Versio led Suurgav in search of Versio's former mentor Protectorate Gleb. However, the two discovered Gleb's body, shot by Versio's former Inferno Squad teammate and now First Order officer Gideon Hask. Hask taunted Versio by telling her that he had personally executed Meeko before taking the pair into custody.[1]

Hask then ordered the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Retribution to shoot down the Corvus, which it did. Hask ordered the First Order to burn the city. A battle soon erupted between the trio, Jinata Security forces, and the First Order. Suurgav and Versio were still in First Order custody, until a Jinata soldier threw a thermal detonator. This allowed the pair to escape, recovering weapons as the made a plan to escape and find Zay. The two fought their way through the city and found All Terrain Reconnaissance Transports. Moving faster, they found a relay station and used it to search for escape pods from the Corvus. Versio and Suurgav found two, but both were empty. During their search for Zay, Versio, and Suurgav saw an All Terrain MegaCaliber Six destroying much of the rebuilt city. Suurgav also remarked that Jinata Security was winning the battle, but Versio replied that Jinata stood no chance and that the First Order was feigning a retreat. Finally, Dio discovered a third signal. They traveled there to find Zay in a sniper's nest. After telling Zay the fate of her father, they traveled to the Retribution in TIE/sf space superiority fighters.[1]



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