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"Dantooine's short history has been of rugged people surmounting to difficult odds. Never have the odds been so great or the future uncertain, but today is your chapter, your tale. Generations yet born will look upon this battle with pride and wonder. I will not lie, the risks are great. The threat real, but I would stand beside any of you proudly as we face our destiny on the field of battle. This is our day, our valiant chance to free Dantooine. Who will fight beside me?"
Meetra Surik speaks to the militia just before the battle[src]

The Battle of Khoonda was a local conflict that followed the catastrophic Jedi Civil War in 3951 BBY and was a major event during the First Jedi Purge.

The main target was Khoonda, site of the local government established after the destruction of the Jedi Enclave. It was particularly aimed at Administrator Terena Adare, the only person on Dantooine capable of uniting the surviving farmers. Territories outside the Khoonda Plains were inhabited by salvagers, who sought for Jedi relics in the ruined Enclave, and mercenaries of the Exchange led by Azkul, who participated in the Jedi Civil War under Darth Malak's command.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

"As you are here to bolster Khoonda's defenses, I will hurry to the mercenary camp and delay their assault however I can."
―Jedi Master Vrook Lamar[src]

The Exchange hoped to use Dantooine, which had nearly been severed from the Galactic Republic following the loss of the Jedi Enclave, as their base of smuggling operations. Administrator Adare and her advisor, Jedi Master Vrook Lamar (one of the former members of the Dantooine Jedi Council) were seen as obstacles to the Exchange's plans. The latter seemed to be removed when Master Vrook was caught by the mercenaries in the Enclave sublevel and brought to a prison cell in the Crystal Cave. Azkul then intended to transport him to Nar Shaddaa to receive Goto's bounty for live Jedi.

What Azkul didn't know was that Meetra Surik had arrived on Dantooine, seeking Master Vrook. Soon, Surik entered the Crystal Cave and freed Vrook, but the Master was not grateful. He understood that, following this event, tensions between Khoonda and the mercenaries would soon grow into a full-scale war.

Vrook ran to Khoonda to warn the officials about the upcoming threat. Azkul confronted Surik and tried to persuade her to join him; she declined and Azkul had a large group of his men attack her. She proved to be too strong and killed them all. Azkul was confident that his attack would succeed, knowing that Khoonda was almost completely defenseless and his forces held a numerical advantage of nearly four to one. His overconfidence, however, proved to be his undoing.

Administrator Adare and Zherron, the militia commander, charged Surik with bolstering Khoonda's defenses. While the mercenaries were preparing for their assault, Surik persuaded several civilians to join the militia, healed those of the militia who were injured, planted more mines in the surrounding fields, and repaired damaged gun turrets and medical and combat droids. Before the battle, Surik gave a speech that greatly inspired all the Khoonda militia. Ironically enough, Surik was repeating her own experience from the Mandalorian Wars, when she had turned a disorganized mess into a powerful army.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Once all of the battle's preparations were ready, Master Vrook left, hoping to slow the mercenaries' progress toward Khoonda while Surik was trying to strengthen the militia's will to fight. Vrook killed several mercenaries during his delaying action.

Azkul's mercenaries suffering losses on the mined bridges of Khoonda

The initial battle was a disaster for Azkul's mercenaries and the Exchange. Following intelligence that had changed only recently, Azkul led a straight charge over the two bridges, believing them to be only lightly mined. This cost him a number of men due to the heavy sapping done, most of it conducted personally by the Exile. The mercenaries took heavy losses just getting to the battlefield thanks to the minefields set beyond the bridges.

His intelligence also told him that the turrets would attack anyone on the battlefield, friend and foe alike, and thus the defenders would not deploy men on the battlefield itself. This proved false when he saw militiamen standing calmly by the turrets as they killed merc after merc.

A Khoonda gun turret firing away at Azkul's mercenaries

Azkul also believed that the militia members were few in number and cowardly. Here, he was stymied once more by Surik; Surik had managed to recruit several civilians and salvagers into the militia on a temporary basis and hastily, yet thoroughly, healed all the militiamen in the infirmary.

The Khoonda Militia taking Azkul's mercenaries by surprise.

Azkul's two columns ran straight into the militia. The militia were all killed, but not before inflicting 2 to 4 times their number of casualties onto the attackers. These were the only militia casualties in the battle.

The intelligence Azkul collected also pointed to the external armory door being lightly locked, which would allow his men to loot it for better weapons, while at the same time flanking the defenders concentrated around the main entrance. This would not prove to be the case, as Surik jammed the external armory door shut to the point where it would take over a year of work once the battle had ended to finally reopen it. Still taking casualties from the guns, Azkul failed to force his way into the armory, and had to go through the defender's main force at the main entrance instead.

His men's sacrifices would not amount to anything, however, as when Azkul and his men came in, they were severely outnumbered by the militia, civilian volunteers, and the crew of the Ebon Hawk. Also, the defense droids Azkul believed to be inoperable were fully optimized for maximum defense and firepower, and only targeted hostiles (like the turrets, they had previously attacked anything that moved). With Vrook's return, the odds would steepen even further, but the worst blow was one he could not have hoped to predict.

Upon encountering Surik inside, Azkul attempted to bribe her away, claiming that Surik could dispatch 4 mercenaries before she was killed, and therefore offered 4000 credits (with 1000 being the recruitment and training fee for a merc), but Surik didn't take the bribe, and some of the mercenaries, noticing the odds and Azkul's complete disregard for their lives, switched sides. Azkul took his right hand man, Dopak, and the surviving men still loyal to him, and attempted to reach and slay the Administrator. Azkul was suddenly betrayed by Dopak, who had entered a secret alliance with Zherron. A quick struggle between the mercenaries themselves followed, and Azkul's forces proved to be no match for the combined efforts and overwhelming numbers and firepower of the militia, the turncoat mercenaries, the droids, the crew of the Ebon Hawk, and the two Jedi.

The aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Khoonda Militia would later assist Meetra Surik in the Battle of Telos IV.

With the victory, the confrontation on Dantooine was finally over, which resulted in the defeat of Azkul's mercenaries and the subsequent exile of the Exchange and Czerka Arms from Dantooine. As the first sign of the coming age of peace and prosperity, the once Jedi-phobic civilians collaborated to rebuild the ruined Jedi Enclave as a tribute to the Jedi who had fought to save them.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Alternate endings[edit | edit source]

Upon exiting the crystal caves, Azkul offered Surik credits in exchange for sabotaging Khoonda and helping him in the fight. Surik agreed and went back to Khoonda to perform acts of sabotage. She met with Zherron and Adare, who gave her a key card to enter the base. Surik sabotaged the turrets to shoot the militia members, disabled mines, re-activated the droids and programmed them to help the mercenaries, and opened up the jammed door. She then went back to Azkul who then decided to start the battle. The militia was overwhelmed, and the mercenaries took minimum casualties while storming Khoonda. Inside, Surik, along with Azkul, his mercenaries, and the re-programmed battle droids, finished off the remaining militia members before Azkul dealt with Adare personally. Vrook arrived too late to help the militia or save the administrator and proceeded to fight with the corrupted Surik, leading to his death at her hands. Azkul then gave Surik 8000 credits or if the exile persuaded Azkul to give her/him more credits, if your persuade skill was high, then Azkul would give the exile 12000 credits. In this case, the Jedi Enclave is also mysteriously rebuilt, but Darth Traya predicts that in time, Dantooine will become abandoned, with only wild animals and nomads treading through the ruins of the Enclave.

Another possible scenario is that Surik initially helps Khoonda, but later betrays them when Azkul offers her credits to stay out of the battle.

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