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"Be careful, this place is crawling with dark Force users."
―The Jedi student to Jaden.

{{battle| prev=No major battles| next=None, end of conflict| image=300px| name=Fourth Battle of Korriban| conflict=Disciples of Ragnos crisis| date=14 ABY| place=Korriban| result=New Republic/Jedi Victory| side1=


commanders1=* Luke Skywalker| commanders2=*Tavion†| forces1=* 3 Mon Calamari Star Cruisers

forces2=* 1 Imperial-class Star Destroyer

casual1=* Many Jedi.| casual2=* Everyone aboard the Star Destroyer, many Dark Jedi,A regiment of imperial stormtroopers,Ghost of Marka Ragnos Tavion.

The Fourth Battle of Korriban was a battle fought in 14 ABY, during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis.

The Disciples of Ragnos gathered on Korriban, as Tavion began the process of using the Scepter of Ragnos to try and resurrect Marka Ragnos himself. An army of Jedi from Skywalker's Praxeum was dispatched to Korriban. An epic battle the likes of which had not been seen since the Clone Wars broke out, as the Jedi battled the Disciples of Ragnos across the desert and tombs of the Valley of the Dark Lords.

In Marka Ragnos' Tomb, Tavion managed to invoke the spirit of the dead Sith Lord and Ragnos almost returned once more. Jaden Korr, who had fought his way through the Valley of the Dark Lords, had entered the tomb of Ragnos and engaged in an epic duel with Tavion. Korr defeated Tavion. Tavion, refusing to cower like she did before Kyle Katarn on Cloud City, used the scepter to resurrect Marka Ragnos. Ragnos' spirit possesed Tavion and battled Jaden. Unfortunately for Tavion, her body couldn't withstand the corruption. Ragnos was forced back into the netherworld of the Force. When Ragnos left Tavion's body it collapsed dead on the floor of the tomb.

As Korriban was the graveyard for the Sith, it became the graveyard for the Disciples of Ragnos as well—and Tavion with them. Korr destroyed the scepter and sealed the entrance to Ragnos' tomb. Shortly after, New Republic ships arrived at the planet and destroyed the Imperial Star Destroyer that was aiding the Dark Jedi and Stormtroopers on the planet's surface.


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