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"We couldn't believe our luck. A real Jedi Knight to help our cause!"
Wedge Antilles[1]

The Battle of Krant was the first battle of the Krantian Civil War, during the Galactic Civil War.


Echuu Shen-Jon meets Rebel troopers.

Early in the Galactic Civil War, Krant became a major rendezvous point for Bothan spies and Rebels. Moff Yittreas was installed as the ruler of the world. The Ghost Base was built in the forests of Krant to organize all those operations, and the native Krantians started a resistance force. The Imperials established two military camps, Sagol and Kaxol, near the cities of Peche and Theenes. The Empire also established a research facility in the orbiting asteroid Geddes. The Empire also discovered the ancient and powerful Jedi artifact Vor'Na'Tu and shipped it to the Sith Temple on Geddes.[1] Around 0.5 ABY,[2] Bothan spy Utric Sandov arranged a meeting with Rebel leader Leia Organa to discuss information that could be vital to the Rebel Alliance—that the Vor'Na'Tu had been discovered. However, Organa's ship, the Cretacian, was intercepted by the Galactic Empire and crashed.[1]

The battle[]

Defense of the two cities[]

The villages of Theenes and Peche joining the Rebel Alliance.

"I am Echuu Shen-Jon. I sensed a disturbance in the Force."
"You're a Jedi Knight?"
"I have been in hiding since... the Jedi massacre..."
―Echuu Shen-Jon meets Leia Organa[1]

After her crash on Krant, Princess Leia gathered her surviving escort—eight Rebel troopers and the protocol droid C-3PO, and headed away from the crash. They were ambushed by a squad of stormtroopers from Camp Sagol in a village. The Rebels were rescued by the Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon, who was hiding there since the Jedi Massacre. C-3PO translated for the Krantians, who gave control of the village and its R2-D5 labor droids to Leia Organa. The nearby towns of Pech and Theenes were threatened with extermination at the hands of the two Imperial camps, whose forces set out to destroy Rebel operations in the Krantian cities. Organa and Shen-Jon agreed to help the Krantians defend the three bridges that connected the cities against Imperial assaults. The Imperials forces abandoned the attack after the Rebels destroyed one of the camps. Afterward, Peche and Theenes agreed to join the Rebel Alliance.[1]

Capture of Ghost Base[]

"Gear up, we're moving out."
"Moving out, you're highness."
―Leia Organa and a Rebel trooper[1]

Ghost Base under Imperial control.

Moff Yittreas launched a campaign against the Rebel presence on Krant. Strike force Alpha attacked Ghost Base, under command of Sandov, and managed to capture it. A Rebel recon officer was wounded trying to delay the Strike Force. Many Rebels were killed or captured but some of them, including Sandov, managed to escape to the nearby Le'Roche island.[1]

Leia Organa and Shen-Jon gathered a small army—eight troopers and 4 Heavy Tauntaun Troopers—and set out to find Ghost Base. The tree cover closely hid the base, making it difficult for them to find it. The strike force discovered the wounded officer, who recounted his story. After moving out, the Rebel strike force freed a group of captured labor droids and recruited additional forces to attack the defenses the Imperials had placed in Ghost Base. The strike force succeeded in eliminating the Imperial presence in Ghost Base. Afterward, Sandov contacted them, and the Krantian Leader sent two Transport Ships to bring Organa to the base. Sandov informed them that the Imperials had discovered the Vor'Na'Tu.[1]


"Congratulations, troops."
―Organa after the strike force defeated one of the camps[1]

Echuu Shen-Jon and the Princess resolved to recover the artifact. They and a crew of Rebels took a transport to Geddes. They succeeded in recovering the artifact, but Shen-Jon shattered it and sacrificed his life to allow Organa to escape.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Krant was first mentioned in the strategy guide to the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. It appeared during two consecutive Princess Leia campaign missions. The missions and thus the battle were also included in the game's 2002 expansion pack, Clone Campaigns.

The player has the option of destroying either Sagol or Kaxol, and as the choice is a matter of gamemechanics, this article is neutral to that choice. The strategy guide suggests attacking Kaxol, the closer camp to the two cities. In both missions, the player has access to workers and can build any sized base and army.



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