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"Since the dawn of the Republic, Kuat Drive Yards has been the exclusive supplier of many of our greatest warships. Without Kuat to make and repair our fleets, we're vulnerable. Give the planet to the Imperials, and we're finished."
―Fleet Admiral Aygo[src]

The Battle of Kuat was a battle that occurred in 3637 BBY during the Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Imperial Forward Command[5] forces under Admiral Zasha Ranken attacked the planet Kuat, home of the Republic-affiliated Kuat Drive Yards, in hopes of securing the planet's prolific shipyards. Admiral Bey'wan Aygo of the Republic First Fleet led the defense of the planet.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Battle of Kuat is the subject of the Tactical Flashpoint: Kuat Drive Yards in the game's 2014 Digital Expansion Galactic Starfighter. It is the first Tactical Flashpoint to be introduced.

There were several elements of the battle, including the hangar landing, the destruction of the enemy's supplies and weapons, disabling the cannons firing at the player's fleet, freeing friendly POWs, and assembling a starship from three parts to attack the enemy's fleet. The last part was killing a commander of the enemy (Major Benes/Lieutenant Krupp or Master Khoris/Lord Modo) or the Station Guardian One droid.



Notes and references[]

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