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The Battle of Kuat was an offensive by Warlord Zsinj against Kuat Drive Yards, in an attempt to steal the Star Dreadnought Razor's Kiss, which was under construction, from the Galactic Empire.

The infiltration[edit | edit source]

In order to steal the ship, the warlord hired groups of mercenaries and pirates. Included were the Hawk-bats, an undercover pirate group formed by Wraith Squadron.

Shalla Nelprin, a Wraith, and a crew of specialists took a shuttle into the officer's landing bay of the Razor's Kiss, using codes from an Imperial colonel, who Zsinj had spent two years helping create a smuggling operation. They then advanced from the landing bay to the bridge, seized it and entered a program that would allow then to control the ship with only 9 personnel.

Shalla, being an undercover commando, uploaded the program into the computer terminal that General Melvar had given her and one that a fellow deceased Wraith named Castin Donn made that would be able to give the location of Razor's Kiss. He had died by trying to upload his program into Iron Fist's computer mainframe, when the Hawk-bats first met Zsinj.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Controlling the ship from the bridge, the specialists used the turbolaser batteries to obliterate the connections between the ship and the ship building station in Kuat's space. At this point, Kuat's planetary defenses and nearby capital ships began to launch starfighters. Shalla, to escape and fulfill her mission, made an excuse to check out the hall where the team originally had a fire fight. Using some explosives, she convinced the team that she was dead.

Zsinj's fleet arrived in Kuat where they would stage his operation to steal the Super Star Destroyer. Zsinj launched all of his TIEs and hired pirates, and ordered them to engage Kuat's Forces. The Hawk-bats and Vibroaxe Prime engaged and defeated Mauler an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and then moved on to take out TIE squadrons. Shalla escaped from Razor's Kiss, by stealing an Imperial TIE interceptor and landing it on the bridge tower of the Razor's Kiss. Shortly afterwards Voort saBinring crashed his TIE Interceptor onto the bridge tower of Iron Fist.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Although Zsinj had managed the escape from the Imperial forces with his prize, Solo's New Republic fleet would soon engage him.

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