"Sskeer's not been the same since the Nihil battle at Kur. And not just because of his arm. He's Trandoshan. It'll grow back."
―Avar Kriss[3]

The Battle of Kur,[1] also known as the battle at Kur,[3] was a battle fought between an alliance of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order and forces from the planet Eriadu against Nihil pirates at the Kur Nebula[1] around 232 BBY.[4] The battle had been set up by Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro, who sent Tempest Runner Kassav Milliko and his Tempest to their deaths in order to conceal the Nihil's true numbers. During the battle, the Trandoshan Jedi Master Sskeer lost an arm, and Master Jora Malli, the commander of the Jedi contingent, was killed.[1] Afterwards, it was noted by Jedi including Master Avar Kriss[3] and Sskeer's recently promoted former Padawan Keeve Trennis that Sskeer had been seriously affected by the battle, suffering trauma and acting unusually.[7]


Around 232 BBY,[4] hyperspace travel in the Outer Rim Territories was disrupted by the Great Hyperspace Disaster, an incident in which the freighter Legacy Run was destroyed in hyperspace near the Hetzal system, causing its debris to fall into the system, imperiling its forty billion inhabitants. Only a swift Galactic Republic and Jedi Order rescue effort prevented the system from being destroyed entirely. In the aftermath, more debris from the starship continued to Emerge throughout the Outer Rim, prompting Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh to order extensive restrictions on hyperspace travel while a task force investigated the cause of the catastrophe.[1]

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