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The Battle of Levian Two was a trap set by Warlord Zsinj for Mon Remonda following the loss of Razor's Kiss to General Han Solo's forces. Zsinj planted evidence of Raptor activity on the planet as a lure for his opponent.


Answering to a distress call from Levian Two, Solo's first group, composed of Mon Remonda, Mon Karren, Tedevium and Etherhawk was caught completely by surprise by the appearance of Iron Fist and his escort. Solo, thinking he might have a chance to successfully engage the Iron Fist group, at first summoned his second group in reinforcement, but the appearance of a second and third group of Zsinj's warships quickly convinced him to run for it as fast as possible, as he was now severely outgunned by his opponent.

Calculating that his best chance of escape was to blast past Iron Fist's group before Zsinj's two other groups joined the fray, Solo ordered his starfighter force forward, to engage Iron Fist and its escorts, and maneuvered his capital ships to make a straight run for the nearest hyperspace entry point. Zsinj answered by deploying his own starfighters and having his group run on a parallel line to Solo's, to prolong the engagement.

Battle quickly joined, and as the capital ships started to exchange blows, the New Republic starfighters set their part of the plan in motion: Polearm Squadron engaged Iron Fist's defensive screen of fighters, punching a hole for the B-wings of Nova Squadron and the X-wings of Rogue Squadron to make a concerted attack on the Super Star Destroyer. While the Rogues drew the attention and defensive fire of the Iron Fist's aft defenses, the B-wings poured volley after volley of proton torpedoes and ion cannon blasts into the destroyer's gargantuan engines array. In the meantime, Wraith Squadron engaged and successfully disabled the two Carrack-class light cruisers defending Iron Fist's unexposed flank.

While battle was raging, Warlord Zsinj called out to Han Solo to offer him a chance at honorable rendition. Solo however, had not a second to waste, and asked Chewbacca to take the call, ultimately to annoy Zsinj. Chewbacca answered the call and proceeded to calmly recite every insult he knew in Shyriiwook to a startled and infuriated Zsinj.

Meanwhile, Mon Remonda and Iron Fist began trading blows in earnest, and Iron Fist began to suffer speed and maneuverability loss from the B-wing's attacks. Solo's second group finally arrived and deployed itself to be able to re-enter hyperspace on a pinch, while taking Iron Fist into a pincer with Mon Remonda and Mon Karren. Zsinj, confident that Iron Fist could outgun and destroy Mon Remonda despite its impaired maneuverability, ordered his escorts to engage Solo's group while recalling his own fighters to chase off the New Republic starfighters. This ultimately proved to be a tactical mistake: as Iron Fist started pouring fire into Mon Remonda, Mon Karren executed a corkscrew maneuver around its sister ship, thus taking the brunt of Iron Fist's firepower while Mon Remonda recharged its own shields without risks, as Zsinj's starfighters were no longer there to harass it.

Once Mon Remonda's group managed to slip past Iron Fist, the New Republic fleet quickly entered hyperspace, ending the battle.


The battle of Levian Two, despite the fact that neither side took significant losses, was a huge blow to both sides' morale: the New Republic forces were afraid of the ease with which Zsinj had ambushed them, and Zsinj was demoralized because even with throwing everything he had at Han Solo, he could not kill him.



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