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"As you are aware, the Citadel is their most isolated and impenetrable detention facility. No one has ever escaped."
"There's a first time for everything."
Plo Koon and Anakin Skywalker[src]

The Battle of Lola Sayu was a battle fought during the Clone Wars between the Grand Army of the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems in and around the Citadel, a Separatist prison on Lola Sayu. During the battle, Jedi and clone troopers led a rescue of Jedi Master Even Piell, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, and their clone forces; Piell and Tarkin had discovered the coordinates of the hyperspace lane known as the Nexus Route, which they believed could prove vital to the Republic's war effort. Though Piell was killed, Tarkin and his forces were rescued and brought the information to the Galactic Republic.


Capture of Even PiellEdit

Returning from a mission, Jedi Master Even Piell was on his way to Coruscant in order to deliver valuable information about secret hyperspace coordinates known as the Nexus Route to the Jedi Council. This information could prove vital for both the Republic and the Separatists, as the Nexus Route included secret ways to reach deep enemy territory. Piell's fleet was suddenly attacked by Separatist forces. To secure the information, Piell had the ship's computer erased, while he and his Captain, Wilhuff Tarkin, both memorized half of the data. The enemy boarded Piell's cruiser and made it to the command bridge. Piell himself destroyed a first wave of B2 super battle droids that entered the bridge by using the Force, but when a second wave consisting of droidekas entered the bridge, the Lannik and his crew chose to surrender.[1]

Piell, Tarkin and five clone crewmembers were imprisoned in the Citadel, an infamous prison on the planet Lola Sayu, that was known to be almost inescapable and designed to hold and break Jedi. The Citadel's warden, Osi Sobeck, had Piell tortured by an interrogation droid and some commando droids to get the information out of him.[1]

Rescue plansEdit

"May the Force be with you."
―Plo Koon, while watching the shuttle take off[src]

Plo Koon explains the mission.

When the Jedi Council learned of Piell's capture, they made plans to rescue him. Plo Koon held a briefing about the situation. Since the archives did not contain any recent data about the Citadel, it would be difficult to form a plan. The plan would be to get a rescue team on the planet by using a stolen Separatist shuttle to make the enemy think they were Separatists. The team would be led by generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and consisted of commander Cody, Captain Rex, ARC troopers Echo and Fives, Longshot, Charger and three other clone troopers . Additionally, Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, had three reprogrammed B1 battle droids under his command, that would pilot the shuttle. Skywalker's padawan, Ahsoka Tano wanted to join the team, but Anakin didn't allow this as he thought this mission would be too dangerous for her. A final problem would be to pass the Citadel's life form scanners undetected. Anakin suggested to have the team frozen in carbonite, as this would fool the scanners. While the team was frozen in carbonite, Ahsoka discussed Anakin's refusal to let her come along with Plo Koon and secretly joined the rescue team. Once all frozen teammembers were loaded onboard the shuttle, R2 and his droids started the engine, with Koon watching the shuttle take off and silently wishing them good luck.[1]

The BattleEdit

Infiltrating the CitadelEdit

"This is Central Command. Please identify yourself."
K2-B4 contacting the shuttle[src]

When the shuttle entered Lola Sayu's orbit, it was spotted by the Separatist blockade fleet surrounding the planet. They were immediately contacted by the Citadel and the prison's second in command, T-series tactical droid K2-B4, asked them to identify themselves and their cargo. R2-D2 had his battle droids reply that the shuttle carried frozen supplies. Osi Sobeck, already suspecting that the Republic would attempt to rescue Piell, ordered the shuttle to be scanned for life forms. R2-D2 and his droids nervously waited while the shuttle was scanned, but the scanners didn't detect any life on board and K2-B4 gave them permission to land on the planet.[1]


The rescue team in Carbonite.

The droids landed the ship in a cave near the prison tower and thawed the Jedi and clones. At this point, Obi-Wan and Anakin discovered that Ahsoka secretly came along. Anakin was angry at first, but realizing that sending her back was impossible, he reluctantly let her join. While R2-D2, OOM-10 and the other reprogrammed droids stayed with the shuttle, the group began with the mission. They had to free climb a stone wall covered with electromines in order to reach a small platform with an entrance that gave access to the prison tower. Kenobi was the first to reach the platform, but quickly ordered the group to stop moving when a droid patrol came out the entrance to check the area. Fortunately, the droids didn't look down, but when they went inside again, they locked the door with a ray shield. This seemed very unfortunate, but Ahsoka was able to crawl through a ventilation shaft and deactivate the shield.[1]

Meanwhile, Sobeck grew suspicious when a security droid reported that the cargo shuttle had never arrived, despite having permission to land. In the meantime, all rescue teammembers reached the entrance platform. Fives was helping clone trooper Charger up, but the latter stepped on a weak edge of stone which broke off, causing him to lose his balance and fall straight into an electro-mine, killing him and triggering the alarm. When learning of the exploded mine, Sobeck was sure there were intruders in the facility and he angrily ordered all security protocols activated and summoned his special commando droid units. The rescue team, meanwhile sneaked through the facility. They destroyed some cameras, which activated some laser turrets. Echo, Fives, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka swiftly destroyed them, but as a result an electrified wall was created that moved across the hallway and closed in on the group. Most of the team managed to take cover in one of the side halls, but Longshot was electrocuted and killed by this trap.[1]


Piell is rescued by the team.

The team located the cell where Piell was tortured. The interrogator droid was just about to gouge Piell's one remaining eye out when the team entered the cell and destroyed the droids. At this point, Piell revealed that his captain, Tarkin, had a part of the information as well. The team proceeded to the location where Tarkin along with two captured Naval Officers, and 3 unarmored clones were being held, but Sobeck watched them with the cameras. He had the group surrounded by his commando droids. The Jedi destroyed the first wave, but Sobeck activated a magnet in the ceiling that claimed the group's weapons as well as Anakin, due to his cybernetic arm. A second group of commando droids surrounded the group. The Jedi attempted to hold them off with the force but they had magnetic feet. Anakin was, however, able to, despite Sobeck using electricity on him, reclaim his lightsaber from the magnet and destroy it, releasing the group's weapons and allowing them to destroy the droids. This angered Sobeck and when Rex proceeded to shoot a camera, he decided to go down and take care of it himself. He was too late as the rescue team managed to free Tarkin and the imprisoned clones before he arrived.[1]

Escaping the facilityEdit

"I must commend you on your escape tactics. But in the end it was easy to predict your every move."
Osi Sobeck upon recapturing Kenobi's group[src]

The Republic team decided to split into two groups to secure the information in case they would be recaptured. Piell, Kenobi, Cody, three clone troopers, 2 rescued Naval Officers and 1 rescued clone formed one group, while Skywalker, Tano, Tarkin, Rex, Echo, Fives and the other two rescued clones formed the second group. Kenobi's group went to the upper level to create a diversion, while Skywalker's group escaped the tower on the lower levels. Kenobi's group planted thermal detonators in several hallways of the upper levels, causing explosions on several locations there and wreaking havoc in the facility. This allowed Anakin and his group to leave the tower and flee into a series of tunnels. Anakin then ordered R2-D2 to fly the shuttle to the Citadel's landing platform, so Obi-Wan's group could be evacuated. Not long thereafter, K2-B4 informed Sobeck that Count Dooku wished to speak to him. Dooku demanded a status report and told Sobeck that he heard about "problems" with the prisoners. Dooku asked if this matter would require his presence, but Sobeck assured him that he could handle it himself.[5]

Kenobi's group was meanwhile hiding in the ventilation shafts of the facility and searched for a way out. The group climbed through a to find a way out, but they were spotted by a probe droid. Piell managed to destroy the droid before it could escape to give away their position, but this caused the entire shaft to be shut with security doors. One clone trooper got stuck and was bisected by one of these doors and Obi-Wan and Even started to cut the doors open with their lightsabers. Anakin's group made its way through the tunnels, with Anakin protecting the flank to take out any droid that stalked them. The group came in a tunnel with a dead end and was attacked by a squad of battle droids using plasma shields to deflect shots. Ahsoka used a thermal detonator to blow them up and then blew up a wall on Anakin's order so they could continue. R2 and his droid squad landed the shuttle on the platform, but were awaited by K2-B4, who demanded to know why the shuttle was so late. R2's droids acted as if R2 was their prisoner and K2-B4 ordered him to be taken inside for interrogation. She then reported to Sobeck that the shuttle that the Republic had used to get on the planet had been captured. Sobeck ordered the shuttle to be guarded so they could lure the Jedi into a trap. Obi-Wan's group was looking at the shuttle from the shaft, but did not see R2 or his droids. Obi-Wan suspected a trap and the group went to the other side of the building to get a better view on the ship. Kenobi tried to contact Anakin, but instead heard Sobeck's voice, who congratulated him on his escape, but said that it was easy to predict his next move. The group was then surrounded by crab droids, droidekas, and commando droids, forcing them to surrender. Anakin's group meanwhile entered a big fuel pipeline to get to the rendezvous point, where R2 would pick them up after evacuating Obi-Wan's group.[5]


Even Piell deflecting fire from a STAP.

Piell, Kenobi and the rest of their group were brought before Sobeck, who demanded Piell's half of the information and threatened to execute his men if he refused. Piell replied that in times of war everyone was prepared to die to protect this information. Not impressed, Sobeck executed a trooper and when Piell remained silent prepared to execute another, but at that point K2-B4 informed him that they had located Anakin's group and that the droids were closing in on them. Sobeck ordered the prisoners to be brought to the interrogation level for torture, while he oversaw the capture of the second group. R2 and his droids figured out that Kenobi's group had been captured and managed to trick the security droids that escorted them into handing over the prisoners. Ahsoka found a way out of the pipeline and looked around for the shuttle, but didn't spot it. The group was ambushed by droids. After leaving the pipeline, Skywalker threw a thermal detonator in the pipeline, creating a large explosion that destroyed their attackers. Realizing that something was wrong, as the shuttle hadn't arrived yet, Anakin led the group to the Citadel's landing platforms. With the droid squad that was supposed to take Anakin's group in gone, Sobeck and K2-B4 tried to figure out the group's location. A droid then reported to Sobeck that the prisoners hadn't arrived at the interrogation level. K2-B4 informed Sobeck that Count Dooku insisted to speak with him, but Sobeck ignored it as he correctly predicted that both groups would head for the airfield to steal a ship, as it would be their only way to escape the planet.[5]


The shuttle is destroyed.

Kenobi's group, escorted by R2 and his droids, tried to fool the droids guarding their shuttle, by telling them that they had orders to move the prisoners to another location. At this point, however, K2-B4 informed the guards that the prisoners were trying to escape with reprogrammed battle droids. This resulted in a battle on the landing platform between the group and Sobeck's droids. Anakin's group soon joined the fight and took out the droids that manned the defense turrets. Three droids on STAPs attacked the group. Piell destroyed the first, while Skywalker hijacked the second with Piell jumping on his back to deflect shots from the third and destroy it. The group destroyed several waves of droids, but didn't have a chance to board the shuttle and escape, afraid that it would be destroyed. A group of commando droids with plasma shields entered the platform. Echo and Fives used a thermal detonator to blow them up, but one survived and manned a defence turret to blow up the shuttle. Anakin tried to shoot it with his stolen STAP, but the droid shot the STAP down. Echo took a plasma shield from a fallen droid and attempted to secure the shuttle. To no avail, as the droid managed to hit the shuttle, destroying it and "killing" Echo. With the shuttle gone, the group retreated into the lower caverns.[5] The team did not know however that Echo survived despite all odds and was captured and experimented on by the Separatists.[6]

On the runEdit

"The prisoners have evaded us long enough. Bring out the anoobas! Use them for tracking only!"
―Osi Sobeck[src]

With their shuttle destroyed, the group contacted the Jedi Council to inform them of the situation. The council dispatched a fleet led by masters Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, Adi Gallia and Kit Fisto that would attempt to rescue them. Meanwhile, the group had to cross the rough landscape of Lola Sayu. Later, when the group contacted the council again, Yoda gave them the rendezvous point, a small island. After the transmission, the group was attacked by a few commando droids. One was shot and Fives used a grenade to destroy the others. Kenobi remarked that it wouldn't be the last droids they would face.[2]

Osi Sobeck had K2-B4 command the blockade fleet, as he expected the Republic would launch a second mission to evacuate the prisoners, while he focused on recapturing the team. Dooku contacted him again, angry that Sobeck had been avoiding his transmissions. He once again asked if he had recaptured the prisoners and Sobeck replied that this was not the case, but his troops would soon capture them. Dooku told him that his honesty was the only thing keeping him alive. The group meanwhile had to climb down a cliff to continue. Unfortunately, another squad of droids attacked them. The group used cables to climb down and Anakin ordered R2-D2 to have his droids hold off the enemy. OOM-10 and the other reprogrammed droids fought Sobeck's troops, but were quickly outnumbered and destroyed. A commando droid shot a climbing cable, causing two clones to fall to their deaths. The others made it down and fled into a cave, while Anakin and Cody covered them before retreating as well.[2]

Sobeck released a pack of Anoobas, creatures that could track the team down with their scent. The group heard the howling of the creatures when they came at distance and realized that the Anoobas would lead the droids right to them. Anakin and Obi-Wan volunteered to lure the creatures away while Piell led the group. Skywalker and Kenobi fought of the Anoobas, killing at least three of them with their lightsabers. The rest of the group was attacked by crab droids and droids on STAPs. A crab droid killed a clone, and Piell and Ahsoka ordered the group to continue while they took care of the crab droids. The others, however had to fight off the STAP squad. A clone navigation officer sacrificed himself to save Tarkin from STAP fire and Tarkin responded by shooting the droid responsible down. A droid on a STAP tried to shoot Kenobi, but the Jedi destroyed him with his lightsaber. An Anooba then lunged at him from behind, but Kenobi kicked the creature in a lavastream. Piell and Tano took out the crab droids, but while Piell finished the last, a remaining Anooba attacked him by surprise and mauled him, fatally wounding him. Ahsoka took care of the creature before tending to the dying Piell. She wanted to get help, but Piell urged her to stay and gave her his half of the information. He ordered her to make sure that no one but the Jedi Council would get it, before passing away. The group had just destroyed the last STAPs when Ahsoka arrived with Piell's body. The group took a moment to honor Piell and cremated his body in the lava before moving on.[2]

Space battle and rescueEdit

"There have not been battles like these since the days of the Old Republic."
"Indeed. Good hunting."
―Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin[src]

The Republic rescue fleet came out of hyperspace and approached the planet and engaged the Lola Sayu defense fleet. Saesee Tiin, Adi Gallia and Kit Fisto commanded some squadrons of ARC-170 starfighters in their personal starfighters in order to break through the blockade for Plo Koon, who would attempt to land on the planet with a gunship to evacuate the team.[2]

Meanwhile, Sobeck learned that the Anoobas had located the prisoners and went with a squad of commando droids on STAPs to deal with them personally. The group had made it to the island that served as rendezvous point for the rescue fleet. The group now only consisted of Skywalker, Kenobi, Tano, Tarkin, Rex, Cody, Fives, R2-D2 and two rescued clones. Sobeck's squad arrived and engaged them. Anakin and Obi-Wan both hijacked a STAP and destroyed most of the droids. Sobeck opened fire on the group, but R2-D2 created a cloud of smoke, blinding the warden and allowing Fives to shoot his STAP down. Sobeck fell on the island. Tarkin attempted to shoot him, but missed. An enraged Sobeck lifted the captain and, realizing he could never have the information from Tarkin, prepared to throw him in the lava so that no one would have it. Ahsoka spotted Sobeck and impaled him through the back with one of her lightsabers, killing him and saving Tarkin. Plo Koon's gunship, escorted by Tiin, Gallia and Fisto, used a hole in the Separatist defenses and made it to the planet. They were just in time to retrieve the surviving members of the team, as a squad of crab droids overwhelmed the island. Koon ordered Admiral Coburn to recall all starfighters and, after they made it back to the command ship, the Republic fleet retreated to Coruscant.[2]


"Personally meet with the Chancellor, I will. Decide what is best to do, we shall."

Once on Coruscant, the survivors met with Yoda and Mace Windu on the Jedi temple landing platform, who expressed their sadness about Piell's death. Yoda wanted to speak to Tarkin and Ahsoka, who had both halves of the information, but Tarkin revealed that he had orders from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to bring his part of the information directly to him, while Ahsoka had promised Piell to bring her information to no one but the Jedi Council. Yoda then decided to personally discuss with Palpatine what the best solution to this problem would be. Before leaving, Tarkin showed his respect for Skywalker and wished there were more Jedi like him. After he left, Kenobi expressed his doubts about Tarkin and told Skywalker that the Jedi should never give up their principles even in a time of war like this.[2]



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