The Battle of Lorell took place between the Lorell Raiders and the combined forces of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic.


The Lorell Raiders were male pirates and mercenaries who discovered safe passages through the Transitory Mists of the Hapes Cluster around 4200 BBY.[2] Operating from the central planet of Hapes, the Lorell Raiders would venture into Galactic Republic space to prey upon Republic shipping lanes and take any woman they found beautiful back to Hapes as slaves. This practice went on for many years, until the actions of the Lorell Raiders caught the attention of the Jedi Order.[2]

The battleEdit

Around 4030 BBY, Arca Jeth was put in charge of a Jedi/Republic fleet, and the fleet caught the Lorell Raiders by surprise outside the Transitory Mists, destroying most of them.[2]


The destruction of the Lorell Raiders provoked the women left behind on Hapes to take leadership of themselves into their own hands. Swearing that no man would ever rule them again, they invested their power into a single woman called the Queen Mother, who then formed the female-dominated society of the Hapes Consortium.[1] The defeat of the Lorell Raiders at the hands of the Jedi would also breed anti-Jedi sentiment among the Hapans for many generations.

After participating in many other battles, Jedi Master Arca Jeth died in 3997 BBY on Deneba after an attack by Krath war droids.[3]



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