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"Now we shall see if you can overcome the weight of Malachor, and silence the echoes that beat from its heart."

The Battle of Malachor[4] was one of the last known events of the Old Sith Wars. It occurred in 3951 BBY and was the final major event of the First Jedi Purge.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"Now she seeks to create another echo, a wound in the Force, greater than the one before, greater than the one you caused. The death of one can send echoes through hundreds, even thousands, across many planets. If not checked, then it spreads until nothing is left. It creates places where the Force is difficult to hear, and difficult to find one's way; it will deafen all touched by the Force until no life is left, and with it, the scream will kill all who feel the Force until nothing is left."
―Atris speaks to Meetra Surik regarding Kreia[src]

Behind the destruction were Meetra Surik and her former lieutenant, Bao-Dur, the inventor of the Mass Shadow Generator, which had been previously used by Surik in the Battle of Malachor V to crush the Mandalorian fleet.[1]

Shortly after the Battle of Telos IV, Admiral Carth Onasi appointed an audience for Surik. Having recognized her as one of Revan's generals and her ship, the Ebon Hawk, as Revan's former ship, he asked Surik to find Revan and bring him a simple message that Carth was following his orders to keep the Galactic Republic safe.[1]

After that, with Atris' knowledge that her teacher and exiled Jedi and Sith Lord Kreia left for Malachor V, the last known location of Revan, Surik trailed Kreia to the world, where the Exile's mentor threatened to sacrifice herself, thus threatening to kill her student through their Force bond, and thereby causing an echo in the Force that could deafen all life from it, thinking that the galaxy's sapients would be forced to either stop succumbing to its will or die. On Malachor V, Kreia retook command of the Sith Triumvirate as Darth Traya, seeking to use the coming battle with Surik and her disciples as a final lesson for the Exile, and to finally destroy the Jedi and the Sith to make way for a synthesis of the two idealogies, a new Jedi Order led by Meetra Surik and her followers.[1]

Upon arrival at Malachor V, the Ebon Hawk crashed into a canyon on the planet and was suspended above an abyss, falling into it shortly after Meetra Surik's departure into the Trayus Academy. And as Surik was descending into the depths of the Academy, one of Surik's companions, a bounty hunter named Mira, fought and defeated Hanharr, a Wookiee whom she had previously fought and who was subsequently saved by and became indebted to Kreia before being sent after Mira on Nar Shaddaa. In addition, Bao-Dur's remote was activated via a pre-recorded hologram of the Zabrak. The droid remote's primary objective was to reactivate the Mass Shadow Generator, undoing the damage done to Malachor V nine years earlier by destroying the planet itself.[1]

The battle[edit | edit source]

Once inside the academy, Surik faced and destroyed all of the Sith Triumvirate's forces, and proceeded to confronted Darth Sion. As they dueled, the Lord of Pain believed that Kreia would accept him back as her apprentice once Surik is destroyed. However, despite his abilities to regain consciousness with the dark side, Surik defeated Sion and explained that Kreia was only using him to get to her. Knowing this to be true, Sion confessed that he hated the Exile because of her beauty, and let go of his suffering, became one with the Force.[1]

Bao-Dur's remote succeeded in powering the generator from crashed Republic ships. However, it was intercepted by G0-T0, who was interested in Malachor staying intact, believing it would help him and Meetra Surik bring stability to the galaxy.[1]

Kreia duels Meetra Surik.

Following her duel against Sion, Surik confronted Kreia at the Trayus Core. After a verbal exchange, Kreia refused Surik's offer of redemption, insisting instead that the apprentice must kill the master. Attacking Meetra Surik, Kreia was bested by her student, who severed her hand but refused to kill her. Kreia then used the Force to manipulate three purple lightsabers remotely, again attacking her student. Surik downed all of the sabers, mortally wounding Kreia in the process. Satisfied of the certainty of her death, Kreia declared Surik to be her greatest pupil of all, and revealed to Surik the future of the worlds they visited and the fates of her companions, who Kreia said were the Lost Jedi, true Jedi who would form the basis of a new Jedi Order. Finally, Kreia presented Surik with the choice of either staying on Malachor V as a beacon for those who felt the echoes of the world as relayed by the Force to become her students, or take a ship and leave the planet to consume itself in search of Revan. Meetra Surik took the latter option, and left Kreia in to fall to her death in the depths of Malachor V.[1]

On the surface of the planet, Bao-Dur's remote succeeded in activating the Mass Shadow Generator, and the damaged Ebon Hawk arrived at the collapsing Trayus Core to save Meetra Surik. As Surik and her companions leave the world, Malachor V disintegrates as it is freed from the mass shadows, finally silencing the echoes of the Mandalorian Wars.[1]

The fragments of the planet became an asteroid field, and centuries later, small pockets of life were discovered among the pieces of the world.[5]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Malachor V appeared in the 2004 Obsidian Entertainment video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.[1]

In the alternate non-canoncial ending of the game, Malachor V remains intact, with the Exile remaining on the world to await further disciples there, and the death of Hanharr is not depicted.[source?]

Several scenes from this event were cut from the final product. During the G0-T0 and remote battle, HK-47 was supposed to arrive with three HK-50 droids that he recruited from the HK Manufacturing Plant to destroy G0-T0 and allow the remote to complete its task; however, this scene was cut because of the game's short development timetable.[source?] This was later made official in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[4]

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