"Until this week, the greatest defensive weapon the Alliance safeworld of Maldra IV had was secrecy. This protection was snatched from the thousands of noncombatant personnel living in the colony earlier this week when Imperial forces appeared in the skies of Maldra IV and rained death down on the defenseless."
―An Alderaan Expatriate Network report[src]

A battle at Maldra IV took place in 2 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War. Captain Briera's Imperial-class Star Destroyer Motivator moved into orbit around the planet Maldra IV to investigate reports of a pirate but discovered the base actually belonged to the Rebel Alliance. Maldra IV was in fact a Rebel safe world and was home to thousands of refugees. The base was defended by a regional planetary shield, two ion cannons and a token force of starfighters. The fighters were all shot by the Star Destroyer and the shields resisted five hours until being destroyed by Imperial Army special operatives. The Rebel refugees managed to transmit a holorecord of the attack before the base was razed by stormtroopers and orbital bombardment. This record was later used to counter the Imperial propaganda. Indeed, the Empire claimed the base was an important Rebel training base and all the Rebels sacrificed themselves, rather than be taken alive, by detonating the munitions plant and killing squads of stormtroopers.

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