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"The Empire is making its presence felt more and more out here in the Rim. There was that massacre on that humanoid-inhabited world..."
"Mantooine in the Atrivis Sector."
Jiliac Desilijic Tiron and Jabba Desilijic Tiure[src]

A battle on the planet Mantooine took place just before the beginning of the Galactic Civil War.[2][3] Because of the Rebel activity in the Atrivis sector, the Galactic Empire established a garrison on Mantooine. However, the base was under-defended and was soon attacked by the local resistance group known as the Mantooine Liberators. The attack was successful and the Rebels managed to capture the base and confiscated its weapons and equipment. The Liberators then settled the former Imperial base and broadcasted their victory, unaware of the presence of an Imperial fleet in the neighbouring Fest system. This fleet had been spotted by the Fest Resistance Group, the anti-Imperial movement on Fest but, for complex historical reason, the Mantooine Liberators had no contact with Fest. The Fest Resistance was not able to warn Mantooine and the Liberators were decimated by the Imperial strike fleet. Following that disaster both group agreed to ally against the Empire and created the Atrivis Resistance Group. It would later be one of the first resistance group to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[5]



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