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"Die well."
"Copy that."
Ronhar Kim and Dox[src]

The Battle of Merson during the Clone Wars consisted of Galactic Republic forces, led by Jedi Master Ronhar Kim, his Padawan Tap-Nar-Pal and Captain Gilad Pellaeon, being sent into battle on the planet Merson.

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The battle rages on.

Republic Intelligence underestimated the forces on the planet by a factor of five, and were crushed. The Separatists had expected the attack due to information given by Darth Sidious to Count Dooku, warning that the Republic would be arriving shortly.[1] As a consequence, the local Merson pirate forces were augmented with CIS droids and material.[4]

Captain Pellaeon withdrew upon the arrival of additional CIS forces and Master Ronhar Kim, his Padawan and their army perished on the planet below. Kim's Padawan attempted a strafing run to assist his master, only to be shot down by B2 super battle droids.[1]


With the death of Jedi Master Kim, his plan for testing the members of the Galactic Senate for high midi-chlorian counts died with him. Thus, Chancellor Palpatine's secret identity as Darth Sidious continued to remain a secret.[1]

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